Album Cover shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II makes front of iTunes

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Ok, so maybe not the biggest news on the planet, but I thought this was pretty cool. The Bui Brothers (whom we met out in LA last year) were asked to shoot the cover for “The Guild Season 3” DVD and they used the Canon EOS 5D Mark II to do it.

Redrock Micro

Here's what it looks like on iTunes

They also shot a little ‘making of' video and here you go:

Just a little fun to start your day 🙂

(Photo credit: snap from the DVD cover)



  1. That cover cannot be the best or even one of the better examples of 5DII photography – it is mediocre.

    1. Author

      Well, since you weren’t even brave enough to enter a real name or a real email address, maybe I shouldn’t even approve your comment… but everyone has the right to disagree. We never said it was the best, we just said it was cool and I wish I could say I had a photo that was on the cover of a very popular DVD.

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