Sunday tidbits (news etc)

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I've been darn busy with a bunch of things (including our house remodel which is taking twice as long as we expected) and I've found quite a few things to post, but I just haven't made the time to post them. So, I thought I'd just gather a bunch of them in a single post (like I used to do when the planet5D wiki first started).

Redrock Micro

Of course, you saw yesterday that we announced the new planet5D Cinema

Scott Bourne has a really good article “Why Nikon as Video Cam Doesn’t Stand Up to Canon as Video Cam.”

Delkin Dual Battery Capability: Charge two batteries at the same time on the same charger without increasing the charge time for either battery. Each battery is monitored and controlled individually on a separate circuit, so it operates like two high-end battery chargers plugged in side by side. No more waiting around until your first battery charge is complete before plugging in your backup! (Buy at Amazon)

Training guide

Canon EOS 5D Mark II icons for your mac os x desktop. A quick blurb to let you know we found some cool Canon EOS 5D Mark II icons for your mac! continues their on-going review of the Canon 7D by focusing (pun intended) on the 7D auto-focus system. (source 1001noisycameras)

Rough Guide to Flicker-Free HD Shooting – a very good article to go along with the @tylerGinter article Shooting video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II? Learn the 180 Degree Shutter rule.

By the way, I've implemented a change that I hope fixes the ‘blank white page' issue… if you are still getting that, please let me know via the contact page.

(Photo credit: snap from the icon set)


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