planet5D appears in a podcast!

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Yes, it is true, we're now famous… well, OK, not that famous, but we were interviewed this past week and published in a podcast. 16x9Cinema is starting a series of podcasts covering the “Digital Convergence” of photography and video.

Redrock Micro

“In this first episode of 16×9 Cinema's Digital Convergence podcast, I talk with the founder and chief blogger of – Mitch Aunger. has amazing viewer stats – over 1.4 million page views. It is clearly a first stopping point for many photographers looking to make the jump to video with the new Canon hybrid DSLR's like the Canon 5D Mark II and 7D. Mitch graciously talks with me about how the website came about, his plans for the future, and his thoughts on the convergence of still photography and video.”

Check out the podcast and get a glimpse into the sillyness and excitement of me (planetMitch)… it was fun and a treat to be able to talk about how excited I am about planet5D and the digital convergence coming in the next few years.

Thanks Carl!

(Photo credit: logo from 16×9)


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