Shane Hurlbut posts new “Navy Swimmer” commercial

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Around here, we tend to post things that are 100% Canon hybrid, but in this case, we're going to point out (again) that there are indeed other cameras that make great movies (LOL). Shane Hurlbut has posted some info in his blog as well as a commercial done for the Navy called “Navy Swimmer.” It is beautifully done and important in that it shows how well the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (in this case) can be merged with images from other cameras to produce an amazing work.

Redrock Micro
In “Navy Swimmer” Shane points out that these are the cameras used: “the slow-mo shot running towards the Helicopter was 35mm, aerial photography was Sony F23 with a gyro stabilized head, all the interviews were the Sony F 900, and the action shots were 5D.”

There's a lot more info on this blog post about the making of this commercial. You should also read the other entry “Navy Swimmer: Pool Training Sequence With Real Time Workflow” where he describes how they did the pool sequences.

I love how much Shane is blown away by this new technology! “This is groundbreaking filming which is unique in its style and execution and has only been possible since the invention of the Canon 5D, 7D and 1D cameras.” I met Shane and his wife Lydia at the Collision conference and they are really excited about the 5D2 and the places you can go with this new technology.

(Photo credit: snap from the Navy Swimmer)


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