Sample images from Canon Hybrid DSLRs

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Friend of planet5D @rodneykiwi (Rodney Charters – DP of the TV show “24”) posted a sample image from 3 of Canon's top hybrid DSLRs – the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the Canon EOS 7D and the new (pre-release) Canon EOS-1D MKIV. Rodney took one photo with all 3 to give us an idea of the image quality.

Redrock Micro

His comment when he posted these was this:

“Focus was on the left eye at 47″. Forgot to adjust for the lens height of the 1D. Color remarkably consistent between each camera. The photo density darker on the 7D by about 1/2 a stop and density on the 1D lighter by a 1/3 from the 5D. This may reflect better processing with the 1D as it also has slightly more info in the shadows. All cameras shot video at 23.98fps oops not yet 5D still at 30fps. Digital Color Meter shows differences but none of this very scientific but at least you ca see a good reference for head shots lens angle of view. Bear in mind that for many the absence of wider angle pro lenses for the 7D make it a difficult choice.”

(Photo credit: snap from images)


  1. Thanks for the article, images linked to twitpic doesn’t work, Flickr is a beter option, I have an 7D and I am very happy an 1Dm4 is much beter I know that but also much expencive

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