New Canon EOS-1D MKIV video “Prague” from Philip Bloom

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Philip Bloom again shows off a beautiful city – this time Prague – and this time, he's using the pre-production Canon EOS-1D MKIV that Canon has loaned him.

Redrock Micro

From his blog: “I only had the camera 48 hours and my goal was to make a film. I didn’t get a chance to do low light comparison tests, rolling shutter tests, moire tests, aliasing test. Simply no time. Hopefully someone with the camera for longer than me can do this. All i managed to do was make one pretty Christmas film!

On a quick side not. My previous advice of rendering down your timelapses in Quicktime Pro 7 to full HD is a bad idea. Save as whole because if you render them down you can often end up with some nasty banding. You may end up with a huge 5K file but at least you don’t get banding!


The film is in black and white. It just fitted the best, also the lighting in Prague is a nightmare, horrendous orange lights mixed in with more normal lighting. Luckily the black and white just fitted.”

Please read his whole blog post as there's much more information and photos of how the movie was shot!

And Philip has uploaded the large version on Vimeo – free membership will allow you to download it.

Prague: Canon 1DmkiV from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on location in Prague on a very cold winter weekend.

Testing out the low light of a pre-production Canon 1DMKIV

Thanks to Rick McCallum, Albert Hughes and Daniel Bird.

More info on blog about lenses etc etc…

(Photo credit: snap from “Prague”)

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