Commercials shot on Canon Hybrids like the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Friend of planet5D Zack McTee sent in this commercial he shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Redrock Micro

“As far as how we ended up using the 5d, I work with this production company called Intelligent Beauty Studios and we were shooting primarily on HVX cameras. I spend a lot of time nerding out over video technology and when I heard about the 5d I had to have one. So I finally got the 5D and convinced the Director, Carter Baldwin that we needed to shoot something on this camera. the first time we used it we shot with the HVX and the 5D just in case. What ended up happening is we didn't use a single shot from the HVX (see the second video below) and we began looking for any reason to shoot with the 5D.

After that we decided that this script we had been waiting for approval on would be perfect shot with the 5D.”

From the description on the video:

“This is a commercial for the RAW – Natural Beauty cosmetics line that GLOW.COM made with me.

The lipstick was real lipstick! Glow made the other makeup out of white chocolate, so don't try this at home kids.

Be good to yourself and the skin that you live in.”

The other commercial where they didn't use any HVX video:

Raw Minerals Spot from zack mctee on Vimeo.

web spot I shot/edited with the Canon 5D Mark II. It's sad but the image quality from the 5D was so good that the HVX B Cam was simply an audio recorder.

And D.C. Joseph sent us his Canon EOS 5D Mark II commercial:

The Java House :: 30 second commercial spot (broadcast) from D.C. Joseph on Vimeo.

30 second commercial spot.

featuring: jordan badnell
music: foreign born
made by: importexport

Training guide

And then we were sent this Canon EOS 7D commercial:

7 for all mankind – 60 second spot from ANDREW WEHDE on Vimeo.

Directed by: Andrew Wehde & Brian Gannon
Shot by: Andrew Wehde
Edited by: Brian Gannon
Color: Andrew Wehde
Producer: Jessica Lockhart
Written by: Andrew Wehde
Makeup/Hair: Annah Yevelenko
Wardrobe: Matt Idzikowski
Starring: Jason Marsing & Erica Milde
Music: Phoenix – Love like a sunset
Filmed w/ 5d + Zacuto Gear

(Photo credit: snap from the Zack McTee commercial)


  1. I saw the 7 For All Mankind commercial and loved it but I hadn’t seen the Java House spot. This camera is changing what is possible for micro to no-budget productions.

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