A hard test of the Canon EOS 7D weather sealing

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We just found this post by Ole Jørgen Liodden (and we also showed off his Canon EOS-1D MKIV preview) where he took his Canon EOS 7D into some very harsh conditions in Antartica and was very pleased with the results. Please read the whole article on his CanonFieldTests.com site. Note that he's breaking the report down into 4 parts and this is only part 1. We'll update this when he posts the rest.

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A snippet of his story:

“One issue I´ve been very interested in regarding the new 7D, is how well it performs under tough weather conditions. Some of my assignments and expeditions take me to extreme parts of the world, where cold temperatures, snow, rain, sand, or a mix of fine sand, rain and a splash of sea water are the norm. On my recent expediton to Antarctica I had a great opportunity to really test how well sealed and rugged this camera actually is. The other two cameras in my camera bag were the Canon 5D Mark II and 1DS Mark III.

This trip was almost the same 3.5 week photo expedition to Antartctica as last year, where I had a 50D and Canon HF10 HD video camera for testing. On that trip I destroyed the video camera on my first day at South Georgia, and the 50D camera had a one day “hangover” after a wet landing. After a few days I put the 50D away because it was not suited to those conditions. 3-4 photographers with Canon 30Ds and 40Ds broke their cameras during last year’s expedition. NB: My workhorse, the 1DS Mark III worked flawlessly, even after 2 “baths” in cold sea water. After these experiences, I wasn’t sure if the 7D and 5D Mark II would survive for the duration of the expedition this year.”

Another note: he also had a Canon EOS 5D Mark II along and had some comments on its performance in the snow as well.

Read the rest!

(Photo credit: snap from the lead photo in the article)

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