24 hour auto racing on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Toby Kahler sent us this amazing car racing piece he and his team from www.motionctrl.de filmed with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (and note that this was done before the firmware update!). The movie centers around the 2009 24 hour Nürburgring-Nordschleife race in Germany.

Redrock Micro

“We were contacted by Heico Sportiv in March 09 with the idea to create an emotional piece of film about their motorsports activities, especially their role in the legendary 24h race on the Nürburgring / Nordschleife.

After a month of planning we decided to focus the project on the race and track itself and show the audience how difficult it is to even see the finish line. We also wanted to do something “new” and came up with the idea to shoot the entire film on Canon 5D Mark II's. This (in March 09) pointed us to some problems:
No control and a lot of rolling shutter on fast moving cars. But also with some benefits: First of all, this production would take a number of shootings and would be a lot cheaper if we roll the 5D way. Especially the small weight of the cam was a big benefit during the aerial shoots.

We finally used three 5D's on eight shootings and only 15 seconds of the film were done with our Panasonic HPX500.

On the rig and equipment side we used: Our Fk9 Airplane for the aerials (cam was mounted with manfrotto clamps and safed with some steel wires), 2 different jibs on a selfmade dolly, a Glidecam Steadicam System, Manfrotto & Avenger Suction Cups – Magic Arms and a lot of aluminum pipes for the car rigs on a Volvo C30 (270hp) and a ultra-fast Corvette (600hp) for the Nordschleife rig shots. In the end the “fastest” picture was at 265 kph (but its not in the film cause of the massive vibrations). The fastest shot in final film is around 190 kph.

5D2 Training

We filmed from April until August on 8 locations and during the whole 24h and the later 6h race.

We filmed mostly with a Pentax 400mm, Nikon 500mm, Nikon 50mm 1,8, Canon 17-40, Canon 28-70, Canon 70-200 and a Lensbaby.

During the first tests we tried a lot of the in-cam settings and ended up with Sharpness & Contrast full down and Saturation one click down. The 24h race itself was in May (before the firmware update) and we invented a lot of tricks to get the cam to the right settings… it was a pain in the ass 🙂

Finally we had over 700 Clips and more that 500 GB of 5D raw data in post… which was also a pain in the ass 😉

With best regards from snowy Germany,

Toby Kahler”

motionCTRL – “Heico Sportiv 24h – One Decision” 24h Race Nürburgring / Nordschleife 2009 from motionCTRL / Toby Kahler on Vimeo.

English subtitled version. German version:
Heico Sportiv Film about the “ADAC Zurich 24h Race 2009” on Nurburgring / Nordschleife.

Filmed on 3 Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 2 Shots on a Panasonic AG-HPX500

Director: Toby Kahler
Cinematography: Toby Kahler, Pete Ruppert, Hartmut Schotte
Production & Post: motionCTRL – www.motionctrl.de

RigCar Drivers: Ed Nicelife, Thomas Koll on Corvette Competition / Patrick Brennd̦rfer on Heico Sportiv Volvo C30 T5 РCarRigs by motionCTRL

Aerial Cinematography: Division Flyyy / Pete Ruppert – Fk9 motionCTRL RIGPLANE

Thanks for the Support: Nürburgring.TV – Media Services / Michel Pathe, Marius Althof

All Copyrights 2009 / motionCTRL & Heico Sportiv GmbH & Co. KG

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(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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