World Series timelapse captured on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Robert Caplin has taken his Canon EOS 5D Mark IIs to the ballpark and captured an unusual portrait of game 6 of the World Series. In his blog, he says this about this feature:

“This was probably one of the most tiring and time-consuming processes I've undertaken with still-photography. I arrived at Yankees Stadium around 3PM prior to the game and began scouting out locations for the time-lapse. The process itself took many hours and required me to rush around the monstrous stadium – scaling the upper decks, zipping back and forth from the outfield to the infield, and inside and out. Finally, I arrived home around 1:30AM and began downloading to my computer the 125GB (12,000 images) of RAW footage I'd collected.”

Please read his entire post, it is very interesting!

Redrock Micro

World Series Time-Lapse by Robert Caplin from Robert Caplin on Vimeo.

Photography by Robert Caplin
Edited by Laia Prats
All rights reserved.

The video was featured in the NYTimes:

“Mr. Caplin used three cameras to shoot that night so that he would have enough footage to “properly capture the narrative of the evening”; a narrative of ice melting into hot dogs, the greasy glass of a popcorn cart, the rise and the fall of the fans.

Much of the game was photographed with a tilt-shift lens, rendering the players as smudges of chalk pastel in a children’s book illustration.

Mr. Caplin, who is just 26, said he wanted the montage to seem as if it had been made a hundred years ago — “You know when you look back at old movie footage and they were cranking it? And it was really jumpy and slightly faster than normal?” The game is played to Chopin’s Waltz No. 5, a score Mr. Caplin chose to complement the antique sensibility of the piece.”

You can also see some other photos he took during the game in this 22 image gallery… here's a sample:

Please take a minute and stop by Robert's blog!

(Photo credit: snap from video)


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