So, you wanna go white water kayaking in Norway?

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Brrrrr – too cold for me – kayaking the white water in Norway just sounds a bit crazy to me. Benjamin Hjort sent us this: “The paddle train”. A kayak and railway journey around in Norway. It's filmed with Canon 5d, and for this mission the camera was PERFECT!!!. I love it, and I hope you will enjoy my teaser to my movie:

Redrock Micro


Benjamin's friend Ron Fischer also blogged about the trip with a batch of photos included.

If you want to see other videos about kayaking and skiing in Norway – check out Benjamin's smugmug video section! Some really cool stuff there! Oh, and there are also more stills from the trip on smugmug.

“Paddle train is my newest project. During two weeks last summer four paddlers travelled only with train around in Norway to paddle some of the best white water you can find along the railway. Rivers like Raundalselvi, MoldÃ¥i, Ustekveikja, UstenÃ¥i, Driva and Rauma gave us fantastic a fantastic time, and a way harder mission than we expected. We only brought what we could carry in our kayaks. No extra clothes or shoes. Just one dry set in the back of the boat together with a sleeping bag and a term a-rest…

On the mission was Lukas Wielatt, Ron Fischer, Tomas Marnics and Benjamin Hjort. The movie is filmed, edited and copyrighted to Benjamin Hjort. Big thanks to Ugress for a great soundtrack. Visit their webpage, and listen to some great music!

Yes it was cold. 2 weeks with rain, and half day with sun. Max temp 10 C. A normal DV/HDV camera would had died the first day… No problem with 5D.”

Equipment used:
Canon 5d mark II
Canon 24-70 1:2.8 USM
Sigma 15 mm 1:2.8 EXDG
I light weight tripod, Velbon Sherpa 600
Handy Recorder H4n (Hard to use because it takes time to set it up, and it has a bad battery lifetime)

All shots are only done once, no second chance to do things, be quick and light was the key on the mission.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Sorry to leave this here but I couldn’t find an e-mail contact and I don’t have a Twitter account, but please consider the following trailer for a short film completely shot on a 5D Mark II:

    You can e-mail me if you want some more information on this film.

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