Magic Lantern software updates for Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D

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It has been a while since we've talked about the Magic Lantern software, but there's some good news – they're working on it for the Canon EOS 7D! Trammell Hudson posted the video showing they were booting to the new firmware, but it isn't doing anything yet. @SmallHD (makers of new HD monitors) on twitter alerted us to the new video interview of Magic Lantern's author below.

Redrock Micro

Here's the video that Trammell posted yesterday:

Magic Lantern progress on the Canon 7D from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

This demonstrates the first steps to getting Magic Lantern running on the Canon 7D. It is not very interesting yet since I don't have all of the internals sorted out. The boot process takes a very long time since the Canon firmware is verifying the SHA1 signature of the entire flasher program, which is pretty slow on the ARM9. This will hopefully speed up once we're able to either enable autobooting from the CF card or bypass the signature checks.

For more info:

Training guide

And, there's also this cool interview that was done by (we'll have a review of their great new training DVD up shortly).

Magic Lantern introduction from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

An updated introduction to the Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II. Production by

One of the cool new things about Magic Lantern is that if you're using an external monitor, it will allow you to stay at full HD instead of dropping down to 480… here's an example

Magic Lantern – 1080i while recording from Trammell Hudson on Vimeo.

Demonstrating on a DP1 HDMI field monitor that the camera can remain in full 1080i HD while recording. This will be merged into the upcoming 0.1.7 release of the Magic Lantern firmware for the Canon 5D Mark II once the bugs that cause the flashing onscreen and in the file are worked out.

More info on Magic Lantern:

Technical details on how this works:

Check out the Magic Lantern wiki for more information and how to download!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. it seems that the Magic Lantern Firmware for the 7D is not coming : does any of you have some info ?

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