Happy Birthday to planet5D, Happy Birthday to planet5D…

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Yes, it is hard to believe, but November 15th is the day that planet5D was born! That means it has been one year since our launch and it is just hard to believe. What a year! Just look at the growth of planet5D in terms of readership!

Redrock Micro

The image above is from Google Analytics and you'll notice that we didn't even start using Google until January… I have no record of the traffic before that!

When we first started, we were putting everything we could find into the wiki. It has always seemed to me that a wiki is a great resource for common lessons learned and for detailed information, but not everyone has migrated over to getting their info from wikis it seems. Even tho wikipedia is a huge resource for knowledge, people still look for information in other ways. Forums and blogs are incredibly popular.

Anyway, when we created the wiki, we also started a page for news within the wiki. Here's a screen snap of the first 2 entries.

We've come a long way haven't we?

Some of you will remember that all of that was hosted on my own mac for quite a while. It was February 1st when we switched over from the news stream inside the wiki to a ‘real' blog. The first bits of the blog were even created using Apple's iWeb! My how we've grown and learned!

Here's a screen snap from the last entry in the iWeb blog format:

As we were starting with the blog, we thought that the popularity of the wiki on planet5D was growing way too fast and we had to move off of my home based mac to a shared hosting service. We hired our friend over at smugization to help us with that. That's how we got to the blog format we have now.

The wiki is still around and gets plenty of traffic – it is still a great resource. We also added a forum somewhere around May which has done fairly well – tho in retrospect, we should have started that sooner – maybe even when we first started, but I was still thinking back in those days that people could get all their answers from the wiki but have since learned that the personal interaction of the forums is very important. Cinema5d I think beat us out on that one.

So, my thanks go out to all of you! When I first started planet5D, I had a flicker of a dream of becoming a minor player in the Internet. And with a good bit of luck and a lot of hard work trying to spread the word of planet5D, my dreams were not only realized, but vastly exceeded! THANK YOU!

But, we're not done by any means! With the new hybrids coming out of Canon, first with the Canon Rebel T1i/500D and then the Canon EOS 7D, and now the new Canon EOS-1D MKIV coming soon, we've got a lot of things to cover in the coming years!

Thanks again and please don't forget to tell every photographer/videographer you know about planet5D – “The best Canon hybrid information on the planet!”

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  1. Congratulations Planet5D !!

    You have done a very good job sharing useful tips and information on the latest Canon DSLRs.

    Your site has become very popular and appreciated by LOT of people. Keep on the good work !!

    Best regards,

    5D2 Improvements Team

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