Canon EOS-1D MKIV Captures First Night Combat Equipment Airborne Jump

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@tylerginter just sent us this Canon EOS-1D MKIV video he's been authorized to release (and he posted on his blog). “I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 1DMKIV from Canon. It arrived just in time for our Night Combat Equipment Airborne Jump! However, I was already scheduled to jump on this mission so I had to train up a few of my high speed Soldiers on how to operate the camera.”

Redrock Micro

You can also download the full size video here with a free Vimeo membership.

Night Combat Equipment Airborne Jump from Tyler Ginter on Vimeo.

Night Combat Equipment Airborne Jump at Fort Pickett, Virginia

Filmed By:

Spc. Christopher Rosario
16-35mm f2.8 lens
1/50th shutter
ISO ≤ 3200

Pfc. Phoebe Malkowicz
50mm f1.4 lens attached to GEM-II Night Vision
30fps conformed (slowed down) in cinema tools to 23.976
1/60th shutter
ISO ≤ 800

Edited By:
1st Lt. Tyler Ginter

55th Combat Camera
United States Army

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Another little clip from Tyler's blog – please read the whole thing on his site! And, you can see an image there showing the GEM-II Night Vision adapter.

“After we got rigged up and Spc. Rosario gathered all his footage inside this awesome warehouse (backlit by a really cool sunset) we headed out into the night. Now the 1DMKIV is an amazing camera but it still can’t adjust in these conditions to see better than your eyes unless you want your footage to look like pure noise.

So instead of risking it on the fly we had Pfc. Phoebe Malkowicz with our new GEM-II Night Vision adapters made by Integrity Data Inc. This is a very expensive piece of equipment but did an outstanding job under the pitch black conditions inside the plane. She rigged up the 50mm 1.4 on the lens and was shooting in pitch black on the FF35mm sensor at only ISO 800 with a 1/60th shutter and aperture wide open at 1.4.”

Please go read all of Tyler's post for more info!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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