We’re finding new reports indicating that some Canon EOS 7D units having autofocus (AF) problems. Here’s an example from this post on photo.net… “The AF in my camera was unable to focus on a static, high contrast, well-lit subject. I repeated the test using a single focus point, and using the cluster mode for each cluster of focal points. Same result, sometimes worse.”

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Update: I forgot to include the coverage of this issue by Fake Chuck Westfall. “I’m getting a lot of emails about the autofocus system on the EOS 7D not working correctly. … At this point we’re not exactly sure what’s going on.”

Over on DPReview, there are several threads about cameras with issues. This thread (tho long) has some good comments (as well as some really lame ones).

“Re: 7D Autofocus Problems: A controlled test w/ 40 images, on tripod [SIMILAR]
JohannV517 – 3 days ago
I guess I must be one of those inept schmucks who shakes so much that I can’t read the manual. All I know is that after trying three different lenses (70-200 f/2.8, 50 MM f/1.2, and 24-105 f/4) in all sorts of lighting situations and focus modes I can’t get my new 7D to focus properly either. And yes, I’ve done the “hard reset” and loaded the new firmware. I’m not new to photography. Tack sharp photos are definitely a rarity.
I’ve seen some of the shots when the camera is operating the way it’s supposed to, and I’m really amazed. They make my shots look that much worse.”

And this DPReview thread has some good still samples to show the issues.

Obviously, there’s more investigation that needs to be done, and it sure doesn’t seem to happen on every camera – in fact, there are several reports of cameras being exchanged and the second one working better. It seems to happen with just about every new camera that is released and we certainly saw some of the same discussions with the 5D2 when it came out. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

(Photo credit: snap from the DPReview forums)

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