Where’s the Canon EOS 5D Mark II? A Hurlbut contest!

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UPDATE: 10/27 – unfortunately, the Navy has asked Shane to take down the video and so I've removed it too. The contest has ended early due to this request.

Shane Hurlbut has a new video posted on his website with a little contest going on behind it, you've got to discover which parts of the video were done with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and which were done with a Sony 950 and an Arri 235 (yes, a film camera!). I've seen plenty of comments/blogs/forums where someone is saying it is difficult to combine the different formats or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II isn't made to do big screen movies etc. Well folks, Shane is just doing it. You should see the excitement he showed at the Collision Conference 2 months ago during his keynote presentation (actually, I think we might be able to share some of that – keep watching this space). He is just so excited about the new options he and his team have to produce beautiful moving images. Read more about Shane and what his team are doing over on Shane's blog!

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UPDATE – I also see that Vincent Laforet has blogged about this contest and has some interesting comments please read that too!

From Shane's site:

“Remember reading Where’s Waldo when you were a kid? We thought it might be fun to play a similar game to test your vision with the following video!

In this Mio footage from our current Navy SEAL film project, we used two HD cameras the Canon 5D Mark II and the Sony 950. We also shot some of it with the Arri 235. Watch closely and see if you can tell the difference between film and the two HD cameras. Then, try to notice the subtle changes of the 10 Bit HD with the Sony 950 and 8 Bit color space with the Canon 5D!”

Sorry, the Navy has asked that the video be taken down 🙁

To enter the contest, you'll need to make a comment before November 1st on the Hurlbut visuals site – they are offering a prize as well – visit their site for more info!

Oh, and if you want to see the video in larger sizes, visit this page.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  2. I can see differences in the trailer.. i havent seen sample images from the Sony before so i couldnt tell. But the babes at the beginning was a 5D2.. the colors gave it away… opening scence looked very filmy.. so was the ass shot coming down the stairs and the scene with the guy in glasses and another part.

    But the mark2’s saturation was different from the others.

  3. I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the contest. You ROCK!!!!! We had so many hits on Hurlbut Visuals with the 1080HD being viewed and downloaded that the server crashed at about 4:00am pst. Our technical support is working on getting us back up and running but you all slayed my server, burnt the processor. Feel great about that. The Navy has now said that they need to scrub the footage and we need to pull the MIO down, so we will be cutting our contest short. We will evaluate all the participants and post the winner. Once our server is back up we will be running a BMW lights commercial shot on the 5D and a Nikon D3 still camera. It is visual eye candy, super speed. Test of the 1D vs. 5D iso to follow. This is so amazing and I thank you all for the passion. Shane

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