Trains? You like trains? Well, this Canon EOS 5D Mark II video should satisfy you

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The other day, Didier Feldmann sent me a Canon EOS 5D Mark II video that made me smile. I'm not a huge train guy, but this video is very well done and is just real pleasing to watch. For those of you who don't like trains, parts of it may seem a bit long, but I'm sure those who love trains will really like it.

Redrock Micro

You'll want to change the video settings from SD to HD quality:


Didier sent us this:

“I am a videomaker since 2004. I do design/shooting/editing/colograding.

Since 2007 I regularly work with the SNCF (French National Railways company) at a professional point of view, doing corporate videos. As I like the industrial aesthetic, and the “challenge” to do emotional / aesthetic pictures with machine made of tons of steel (!!), I made a video in 2006 about the TGV (High Speed Train) “TGV 231” shoot in HDV, and this summer I used the Canon 5D MKII to shoot “Hub Feigh, an industrial choreography” an area where there is not high speed only slow speed movings. With the 5DMKII, I was, at last (!) able to shoot with wide angle, TS lens, tele lens with wide aperture, add depth of field to my picture, and also shooting in night at 1600 iso without noise and having very dense black. A great pleasure.

Didier Feldmann aka Videopaper

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous footage and sense of style. The pacing is impressive, no it’s perfect! Thanks for posting this Didier!

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