Some impressions of the new Canon EOS-1D MKIV

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There have been a few posts about the new camera, the Canon EOS-1D MKIV, but since there aren't many prototypes around, it is hard to get your hands on one to give a review.

Redrock Micro has gotten their hands on one and they've posted a good report, “First impression of Canon 1D MarkIV” even tho they were limited in what they could do with the camera. “This is my first impression of the BETA Canon 1D Mark IV, and not a normal field review! The camera’s CF slot was glued by Canon, and I could not check the image quality and HD-video on a computer screen. As a result, all I can comment on is the handling of the camera and how the photos looks in built-in the camera display.” They were able to include some interesting videos like this one:

Canon 1D Mark IV from Ole Jørgen Liodden on Vimeo.

Skip on over there and read this very interesting story!


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Just found another article – ephotozine has their preview!

Oh, and there are a few samples on flickr.

(Photo credit: snap from the CanonFieldReviews article)

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