Parasailing with the Canon EOS 7D

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Who wouldn't like to be para-sailing over a beautiful Australian coastline like in this Canon EOS 7D video? Looks like a blast! Of course, if you're not good with heights, that's a whole other issue! Christian Fitzpatrick grabbed his Canon EOS 7D and went to watch the para-sailing at Point Cartwright. Watch this video and then cruise over to Christian's blog to read more about the day and how he used his new 7D to capture it.

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“I'm Christian Fitzpatrick. I'm a 27 year old boy from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. I love shooting, doesn't matter what it is… If I'm behind a camera I'm stoked!

This clip was just a bit of fun on the weekend. I was lucky enough to have the guys participate and really allow me to get in uncomfortably close. But as I always say, it's not hard to get pretty pictures when you live in a place like this! 🙂

Thanks heaps for watching, I hope you enjoy the video and if by some amazing stroke of luck you're interested in finding out more when you're done, head on over to my site,


I didn’t go into it with a plan really, I was just trying to get nice shots, enough make a quick cut and hopefully get a couple of real crackers to keep for the future. I did know that I wanted it to be pretty mellow, relaxing and convey the fun that these guys were having. My god, did it look like fun! I was so jealous watching these guys just soaring across the sky, up and down the point. It’s not cheap though, apparently you’re looking at around $8-10K to get set up. It would want to be fun for that much!

The 7D was a joy to shoot with! It didn’t overheat at all, even though it was going pretty much flat out with it for the two hours I was there and I was in full Queensland sun. I’ll write more about the camera in a later post.”

Now, please continue reading over on Christian's blog

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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  1. Sorry to nit-pick but this is paragliding, NOT parasailing. Parasailing is when they tow you behind a boat with an over sized parachute. Paragliding is flying, parasailing is going for a ride.

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