Nikon announces the D3S – the “ultimate” camera for news, sports and wildlife

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Ok, those are their words about the new Nikon D3S not mine… from the DPReview page: “Nikon today announces the introduction of the D3S, the camera that enables professionals to take control of the unpredictable and extends the possibilities for action photographers everywhere. Built upon the widely acclaimed Nikon D3, the D3S advances low light photography to another level and sets in motion new creative options for multi-media movie shooting.”

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So, Nikon releases this new “ultimate” camera, yet for video, it only does 720p and doesn't have manual controls? Ok, their aiming it at still photographers (and yes, we still know what that is LOL)… “Further proof of the D3S’s incredible capacity for low light photography is the fact that it is the first camera to offer no less than three additional ISO boost levels, up to Hi-3, (ISO equivalent of an astounding 102,400).”

ISO over 100k? Yikes! Can't wait to see the noise levels in those images!

For video, here's more info from the PR: “Movies are captured at 720p/ 24fps in motion JPEG with stereo sound using the input jack. The file format enables a unique ‘Save Selected’ frame option that enables the user to shoot video freely, secure in the knowledge that a still image of a key moment can be transmitted as well.

Acclaimed autofocus tuned for movie capture.
Completely configurable to set up, but extremely simple to use, Nikon’s acclaimed high-density 51-point Multi-CAM3500 AF system, with 15- highly sensitive cross points, provides users with an industry leading system for tracking fast moving subjects. The D3S contrast detection AF system has also been tuned to provide autofocus support during movie capture and Live View.”

We found some more info on the tweet by @fotozine if you're interested: Some more info about Nikon D3s – Specs: – Brochure: – Samples:

I also suggest reading Philip Bloom's post on the new camera for his thoughts!

(Photo credit: snap from the Nikon samples site)

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