New Canon EOS 5D Mark II ‘People’ Videos

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Philip Bloom has produced 3 “People” videos now, with the latest being from San Francisco. “Shot on the Canon 5DmkII at 30p and conformed to 24p in Cinema Tools. This is the third in my “People” series. After “Sofia’s People” and “Dublin’s People”.”

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San Francisco's People. Canon 5DmkII 24p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Shot on 5DmkII with 50mm F1.2 and Zacuto Z-Finder
Music is Taxi Driver by Bernard Herrmann
Shot at 30p and conformed with Cinema Tools to 24p.
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We've also found this new Canon EOS 5D Mark II “People” video from Mike Kobal that he calls “Lowa East Side People: Canon 5D mark II” – I love this in that it is all in black and white – very effective.

Lowa East Side People: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Inspired by Vimeo's Weekend Project: Black Transitions, I always wanted to shoot a video that looks like “breathing” photographs and use transitions that look like closing and opening aperture blades on a large format camera. hope you guys enjoy it:)

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Is this becoming a trend?

(Photo credit: snap from the Lowa East Side People video)

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