Must see Canon EOS 5D Mark II music video blows my socks off

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Y'all, this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but when Kenny “LaMar” McGowan sent me his amazing Canon EOS 5D Mark II music video he did for Chris Anderson this afternoon, I had to reach down to pull up my socks. Especially when I read: “I am a musician producer by trade and have been using Final Cut Pro off and on since the first version came out. I've used my video chops to help several up and coming music artist to promote themselves as part of my production package. The Canon 5d Mark II is without a doubt an amazing camera and it's probably the best thing smoking for independent film makers. It has opened up a huge opportunity for great movie makers. I did mostly everything myself with the some help from another very talented camera operator. I edited the video myself. I still have alot to learn. Video and music is my love and I'm so grateful that I live in a time of this amazing technology.”

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So I asked Kenny to tell us a little bit more about the making of the video.

“What can I say about the Canon 5d Mark II that hasn't been already said, “It's a Killer Camera” one of the best pieces of gear I've bought so far. It made shooting the Chris Anderson music video very fun and for the first time as a videographer I felt confident in what the end results were going to be. Being able to use different glass for different shots was amazing. I occasionally used rails and a follow focus.

Most of the time I used my 5d Mark II with a descent tripod head (Bogen 501) and a heavey duty tripod stand. The manual controls were great and the timing for that added feature was just right for this video. I used Apple's Final Cut Pro 7 for editing and did most of the coloring in FPC 7 with a touch of Magic Bullet Looks. It would be nice if it had auto focus for Dolly and Crane shots. I did not have a focus puller for the Dolly shots and I had to use a different camera for those shots. The quality was not the same in those shots and I much rather had used the 5d Mark II but, when I was shooting solo I had no focus puller and it made it next to impossible to stay in focus while using the Crane & Dolly shots. However with a small crew at hand you could easily pull off Crane and Dolly shots with a bit more ease. I'm sure someone out there has had amazing results from Dolly & Crane shots with the Canon 5d mark II.

I have no major complaints about this camera and would highly recommend it to any one shooting music videos or short films. There is so much room to grow with the Canon 5d Mark II until I might find myself buying another one at some point. The the price for the camera is wonderful and with some money invested in some good glass, you can't go wrong.

Lenses that I used were, Canon 70-200mm, Canon 24-70mm, Canon 50mm, Tamaron 90mm macro and a Tamaron 28-300mm”

Kenny also said this on the youtube post: “The song FEVER was produced by Kenny “LaMar” for an up and coming 21 year old singing artist by the name of Chris Anderson. Chris' influences include Bobby Darin, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble just to name a few. Chris Anderson's latest video FEVER, was also Produced & Directed by his music producer Kenny “LaMar” McGowan. Michael Buble recorded FEVER on one of his earlier albums but never produced a muisc video of the song. The arrangement is similar to Michael Buble but with a bit more funk in the groove tank. We hope you enjoy.”

Our thanks to Kenny for sending us this planet5D first look!

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    1. I definitely agree that this is a super cool music video… I thought it was great and am really glad to see others using the 5D in fantastic new projects.

      But if you’re trying to compare it to our Paul Dateh music video I think you’re completely missing the point. We shot a $17 music video for the show $99 Music Videos… it had to be done for less than $99 and shot in one day, edited in one day. We decided to also do it in one continuous take, a task that is not as easy as you might think.

      You may not see or understand the difference in the two projects, but we are talking about completely different things here.

  3. Great quality, but the content/editing is very 80’s, lacking in a crisp professional look. I don’t understand why they put a kid with a older looking woman? Get rid of the cheesy fever animations. Shoot in a bar with a piano or a stage with smoky spotlight, something other than this. Sorry to sound so harsh, but if someone doesn’t tell you…

    1. Author

      Everyone has an opinion and we can’t all agree… I might agree with you on some of your comments, but I thought it was indeed very good. Maybe he was going for an older look – after all, this song has been done in many generations. Overall, I’m much more impressed with it than you were.

    2. Hey, David thanks for your comments. The power of opinion is a powerful tool. We all posses it. Some will abuse it’s powers to bring down others and some will use it to help others. I’m not so sure which of those catagories you belong under. The 70’s/80’s is sort of what I was going for. The smokey club scene is an obvious choice and I chose not to go that route. The kid is 21 the young lady is 22. She was exactly what I was looking for out of 60 different young woman that tried out. I wanted her to have an older look and by your comments it worked. I wanted to have fun with the video and not make it so perfect. Crisp professional look?? Well I don’t know how much more crisp it could be without shooting professional film with a huge professional budget. This is a sort of an indie music video with hardly any budget and shot with 1 sometimes 2 people, no crew here. Over all we’re pretty happy with the video and of course there is always room for improvement. When Chris gets his deal and a major video budget we should all be straight. Oh, and by the way David, if your available in the near future maybe you can help me with one of my next music videos.

    1. Thank you very much Vu Bui! Hey I went to your web site and I really enjoyed you guys work. My favorite photo which is killer by the way is the young lady sitting on the couch outside. The scene is so cool looking. Man, I want to shoot something like that. That inspired me so much. Keep up the excellent work guys. I’m learning everyday and as long as there is breath in me I hope to keep learning.

      1. Very cool man, thanks! Yeah it’s been a fun ride recently, and we’ve actually got a bunch of shoots that we haven’t even posted yet.

        More to come!

  4. I’ve watched it again, and all it really needs is a different editing angle to take it up a notch.

    I really can’t focus on the him or the song, due to all the graphics. Simplicity can really take this to another level. Remove all those lines or grey bars, this is very distracting. You go from a clean shot to what might appear as a security camera shot(that’s fine), and then continue to use it throughout the video. Clean shot, grey bars, clean shot, grey bars, etc…

    Next time focus on your storyboard. Stick to 3-4 locations and try multiple story combinations at each location. Switch up the wardrobe in each scene. Your shots in the bedroom so how talented you are and your potential. It’s too bad they didn’t amount to cute shots of her, maybe with the sheets pulled up to her face while he gets ready etc…

    If you choose to shoot a spotlight silhouette, do a real spotlight silhouette, and not another backdrop multi colored graphic. It will add to the mood and help the video tremendously.

    I hope this helps. As a Professional Photographer of only fourteen years, I constantly research my field, and continue to try bettering my images, also putting my work out for open criticism hoping it will allow me to consider other ideas for the next shoot.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts David. I think your being a bit to anal about this video. It’s what it is. There’s always room for improvement. Unless you were there on the set to see what was taken place it’s hard to take some of your opinions serious. The video was shot with a limited time frame. No excuses though, I still like what was developed. There was no crew as stated before. I practically did everything on my own with the exception of a good friend of mine that helped in some of the shooting. As far as the spotlight goes it is a real spotlight with real silhouettes of Chris and Julia. All I did was enhance the colors and added some deep black lines. You are dead wrong on that one my friend. The whole concept of this FEVER video is about the singer telling us a story about how she gives him FEVER. I kept it PG. There is about 1000 ways you could shoot this and here is one of them. Your Idea about the smokey club scene is old potatoes. Sort of been there done that.

    Are you a Videographer also? Do you have a web site? I would love to see some of your video work.

  6. Listen, this video could have been shot a number of ways. Mr. McGowan chose this particular artistic style to impart his vision. I believe Mr. McGowan’s cinematographer skills
    are quite good. Excellent video.

  7. Dead wrong :) Well it looks like $hit after you boosted the color and added lines.

    I wonder if you’ll go line crazy on your next project?

    Just tried to help. Calm down. Embrace criticism or you’ll never get better, and hopefully I, and this post scuffle, will push you to prove critics like me wrong in the future.

    Keep shooting,

  8. Mr. McGowan, this David person has a right to his opinion. Doesn’t make his opinion right or valid. It’s just…his…opinion. Remember the words of Shakespeare:
    ” Give every man your ear, but few thy voice. Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment. ”
    Keep shooting, man!

  9. Thank you Darkseid! I wish david would display some of his awarding winning works so that we may learn a thing or two from his published art and not so much from is published opinions.

  10. We look forward to Chris Anderson performing FEVER at Pacific Grill’s New Year’s Eve celebration this year. He is a very talented young man! And we love the video too!

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