Has the Canon EOS 5D Mark II changed the world forever?

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Yep, we think so… the excitement over the Canon EOS 5D Mark II continues to this day – over a year since the announcement… Canon still cannot keep up with demand for the camera (tho maybe the Canon EOS 7D is taking some of that heat?).

Here's a dynamic video that proves the point – you can shoot stills and video with one camera and it can be amazing (we found it on Frits Van Eldik's blog)

Redrock Micro

Text from youtube:
“We shot this movie for Canon CPS in Fürstenau, Germany on private property of Van Merksteijn Motosport. We used the Canon EOS 5D Mark II with several lenses. We did not use any filters or other tricks, just the 5D.

The camera is awesome and it has much potential for (semi) professional photographers.

Have a look at it and tell me what you think of it.

Daniel van den Hoek
Frits van Eldik Photography, Holland.”

7D Buyer's Guide

And then there's the news that the Saturday Night Live crew is using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Canon EOS 7D to make some of their great show! Philip Bloom posted this blurb about them using the camera on his blog

“I had a very nice email from Alex Buono, the SNL DP who recently shot the new title sequence on the 7d and 5d as well as loads of other bits and pieces. They normally use film, Cinealta, Varicam or the HVX but they shot on the 7d and 5d for the first time recently. They wanted to shoot the new title sequence with the 7d after seeing how good it looked after seeing my little Dublin’s People short apparently which is very flattering.

They also have used it for studio sketches like the one below for “Bladivan”.

Please go read the rest of Phillip's post as he has more information!

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(Photo credit: snap from the Daniel van den Hoek video)

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