Canon EOS 7D isn’t always perfect

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We continue to see some posts about possible issues with the Canon EOS 7D – maybe these are just cameras that are having minor problems (lemons?) and can be expected with most new products.

Earlier we reported that there was a possible issue with pattern noise – and one of the posters on that issue now has gotten a new Canon EOS 7D from canon and reports he doesn't have the problem any more.

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Now we find Michael Willems who is having lock up issues – read the whole blog as there are also interesting comments about the quality of the camera and focus besides his issue with freezing – which is also echoed by this user on

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And lastly, this is just one person's opinion, but I found it interesting that someone's already put their 7d on ebay… “put the #Canon 7D on ebay. nice handling and interface but the image quality didn't do it for me. maybe canon added to many pixels” — I haven't seen any other reports of image quality problems – maybe it was his lenses?

And just to follow up with something beautiful (and not a problem) – we found this beautiful panorama posted by @sinumerikz (file is large >20mb! but we've taken a small snapshot of the whole photo (without permission) to tease you to go see the whole thing)…

breitenbergpanorama1vopykg.jpg 12398×3511 pixels

(Photo credit: snap from the panorama)

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