Canon EOS 5D Mark II stop motion tv spots

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Sylvain Dumais (we highlighted his “Long Haul” stop motion video in this post — heck we'll add it below too) sent us these cool Canon EOS 5D Mark II stop motion videos the other day that were used “for tv channel identification. The concept is quite neat and we got big awards in the US in May for that campaign ( DBA Promax ).”

Redrock Micro

Stop Motion – Artv from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

Artv ask Montreal based artists to represent the logo of their channel in the way they want. Julien Vallée used around 15 pieces of plywood with a mirror on the backside to create the shape of the Artv logo, a Canadian television channel.

The shot was made on the roof of a building downtown Montreal. We used a smoke machine and a projector to create the reflections of lights and colours during the shoot.

We mounted the camera on a circular railing system and I batched the still images first in the raw converter and after in Photoshop with a few tricks.

We used a Canon 5D Mark II mounted on a Zacuto base plate system and we also shot a making-of ( to come! ) with their DSLR Gunstock Shooter Kit and a second Canon 5D Mark II.

Concept & Art : Julien Vallée
Director + Animator : Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau
DOP + Camera + Image Post : Sylvain Dumais
Sound : Jean-Sébastien Proulx
Client : Artv
Agency : Toxa

For more stop motion work, please check out !

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So, Sylvian sent us this additional info:

“So, Artv is a specialized art channel. They wanted to feature artists and commissioned them to re-think the channel logo. So we've been shooting those awards winning ids for 2-3 years, featuring painters, food stylist, more painters and so on. We shot them using a wide range of Canon DSLR: 1D Mark II, 5D, 50D and for the last 4 with the Canon 5D Mark II mounted on a Zacuto DSLR system ( which is by the way awesome as we can add a matte box or a monitor ).

My favorite one so far feature the work of Montreal sort of world famous graphic designer Julien Vallée. He came up with the idea of using mirrors mounted on c-stand. We decided to shoot it at night on a building rooftop. Fun! And we throw a smoke machine. More fun!

Every frame is the result of a 15 seconds exposure at a fairly low iso using a Canon 16-35L. It was my first time really using the Mark II for night photography and I was impressed by its very low noise at for such long exposition and tricky lighting. We could all gather around the dolly to check what was on screen using the live view and an external monitor. The live view function really made our work easier. In post, I did two things: first, the raw conversion ( playing a bit with some colors saturation level, curve and white balance ) to then bring it in Photoshop where I did a couple more tricks to get a bit more of a tri dimensional footage.”

Thanks for sending that in Sylvain! Oh, and there are several more of these spots on his site over here.

Oh, and here's the “Long Haul” video again:

Stop Motion | The Long Haul from DUMAIS on Vimeo.

Photo and motion commit to a long life together in a movie made from 4000 great pictures and…

3 x pimped out stills cameras
2000 square feet of studio
11 x Obama lovers
2 x Producers with whips
450 kg of props
360 degrees of dolly track
15 hours of makeup
1 x clip on rat tail
2 x actors standing still for 22 hrs
1 x grown woman wearing a child sized dragon outfit
1 x 72 hr work work day
1 x “Bapapa” song

See the website at for more information, download and insight.

Animated short done as a creative project made to promote a team of fine folks:

Starring Melissa Hood & Greg Lanzillotta

Sylvain Dumais | Director, Animator, Writer
Full Serve Productions | Producer
Daniel Shipp | Director Of Photography
Caitlin Durlak | Assistant Camera
Sandra Dumais | Art Direction, Writer
Michael Brown | Motion, Credits
Brian MacMillan | Music
Iantha Goldberg | Hair, Makeup
Amber Chase | Hair, Makeup
Cheryl Thompson | Prop Stylist
Dwayne Kennedy | Wardrobe Stylist

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