Zacuto Z-Finder 2 mini-review

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One of planet5D's sponsors Zacuto sent me a copy of their new Z-Finder 2 just before I went to the Collision Conference (thanks Mandy!). So while I was there at the conference, I had a bunch of people asking me about it and I thought I should put together a little mini-review.

Another little thing that the Bui Brothers taught me while I was at the conference is to get a little closer to all of you folks out there, so I'm going to start doing a few videos to let you get used to my wackiness. Right now, I'm playing with 2 different screen capture tools – this one was done with Jing. Oh, and i'll be hosting all of them over at my Smugmug site.

If you'd like to contact Zacuto, please give Mandy a shout and tell her planet5D sent ya!

Oh, and don't forget to visit Philip Bloom's post about the Z-Finder!


  1. I love this website – thanks for the info

    BUT DUDE! -LOOK AT THE CAMERA!!! If there is any sure fire way to make video reviews look poor its by looking at the recording window rather than the camera -in fcat – turn your monitor off so you cant look at it!

    Sorry for the outburst – it just frustrates me.

  2. dude u got the item for free to review and you sold it hahah cmon, poor zacuto they just been fooled!

  3. Maybe I should have made that clear… it was a loaner from Zacuto – I
    wasn't going to keep it and I didn't profit from the deal – I have
    passed along the payment to them as well. Zacuto is one of our
    sponsors and we're certainly not hiding anything from them 🙂


  4. @irshmak – Don't be shy, tell me how you really feel 🙂 — actually that's a very good point. I'm new at all this and I can use the tips and suggestions – it will only make me better.

    When I recorded this using Jing, I was using the webcam attached to my imac and I tried to put the video window very close to the top where the webcam is, but you're right, it is very easy to see that I wasn't looking directly at the webcam.

    Yesterday, I purchased a program called ScreenFlow for the mac and I like it more, but when you record, you don't actually see the webcam image, so I've got to think harder about looking at the webcam – but the good news is that I can't see myself (like you suggested) so I'm not concentrating on how silly I'm looking LOL

    Thanks for the help! Anyone else?

  5. Wasn't a review – more of a verbal recommendation!

    It's also a complete rip off – like ALL Zacuto products.

    I look forward to the Chinese copies to flood the market for $20.

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  7. …uhhh, hey Rod?
    What ISN'T a “rip-off” in your opinion? Hell, Shakespeare was technically a rip-off if you want to split hairs about it.

    Look man, I own some Zacuto gear and I recommend them to everyone who asks, and I base my recommendation on Zacuto's unsurpassed quality and customer support. Sorry, but “originality” has nothing to do with why they're successful. They do the same thing as other folks, agreed… but they do it A LOT better. Go throw you sour-grapes at someone else, man.

    Hey planetMitch,

    Thanks for the review. Good to hear a first-hand account of someone who's actually used it. But since you seem open to some advice and constructive criticism, please allow me to throw in my 2-cents worth.

    – Heed “irshmak's” advice. Make eye contact with your audience (the camera). It really does make a huge difference.
    – Take the pressure off yourself by using a script, or at the very least, an outline. YOU will come off MUCH more professional, and the useful information you have to share with us won't be lost on long pauses and apologies.
    – Edit, edit, edit. Even with a script or an outline, you're still going to fumble occasionally; and that's where EDITING comes in. Cut your reviews to SOUND first. Get everything to SOUND good, and then go back and evaluate how it looks. When it looks bad, simply cut to video or pictures of the product your reviewing or something else you planned to use.
    – In the future you may want to think twice about using someone else’s review of the product that you’re supposed to be reviewing. I’m sure Philip Bloom appreciates the nod, but it really took the air right out of what was supposed to be YOUR review, know what I mean?


  8. Semantics aside, If you think $360, for what in effect is a glorified loupe is good value…good on you!

    I am glad you own some Zacuto gear too. But to recommend them based on customer support and unsurpassed quality, eh? I find that you don't need too much customer support for bits of aluminium or a loupe – it's not rocket science kit. Their kit certainly does ooze great build quality, i'll grant you – but at a hell of an overinflated, exploit-the-industry price. I have had a play with their 5D rigs, and I wanted it right up until I heard how much they wanted for it!

    Rocket science prices – which for a basic set up can cost more than an actual 5D MK2 or a 7D – which is crazy. But again if your prepared to pay the price…each to their own. I think that there is a lot better value to be had elsewhere – hence I don't see eye to eye with you on this one! 🙂

    I find it funny that your 'review' didn't even include the product – which is why I said it was more of a recommendation.

  9. @jay, thanks for your comments – i'll sure take them as constructive feedback.

    Not that it is an excuse, but I wasn't really intending to edit this one (tho I know it could use it)… the jing tool I'm using isn't really designed to edit (and I'm using another one now for most stuff which does much more editing)… so I was going for the one take thing – but I understand the ramifications of doing that.

    But I do appreciate your time and comments!

  10. Ok, I get it, it wasn't really a review and I shouldn't have called it that – I'm sorry I made that mistake.

    everyone has their own perception of a good value… some people buy BMWs over VWs — so let's just move on and take this value discussion off the table?

  11. Fair play, I apologise for my rather blunt initial comment. Something about the perceived anonymity of a blog comment section that makes me speak my mind!

    I wish you all the best for your future reviews and posts.

    1. Author

      Well, you’re entitled to your opinion of course, but everyone I’ve talked to about their z-finder absolutely loves it. Expensive, yes, but well worth the money.

  12. Zacuto makes some of the most reliable equipment available. Although they may have a large variety of builds, this doesn’t make them innovative. Zacuto is considered top of the line for one reason, they have the audacity to charge 3x’s more than any honest company would charge. Charging thousands of dollars for milled alluminum is a crime in my opinion. One positive thing I’d like to say about Zacuto is customer service
    and reliability. But for the price?? Anyone who argues the fact that they charge way too much for a product is dim, in denial, or has a large trust fund.

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