Wild Nature Tours You Must Try!

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planet5D is proud to announce another sponsor! Juan Pons, a good friend of planet5D and world renowned photographer is leading several nature tours that you really would love to go on! He was recently an instructor on the Aperture Nature Photography Workshops along side Rick Sammon, Scott Bourne and others.

Wild Nature Tours specializes in small, focused and intense Nature Photography Tours and Workshops, and is dedicated to providing the best experience in photo & video DSLR workshops.

Redrock Micro

Juan said: “I have been a p5d reader since day one, was quick to get one and started shooting nature videos with it as soon as I could. I have also advocated for the “hybrid” cameras to all my workshop participants and anyone that will listen to me…”

Yellowstone Winter 2009 from Juan Pons on Vimeo.

A short video of some of the scenes and wildlife we enjoyed at my latest Yellowstone Winter Photo Workshop.

You can find out more information about the workshop at wildnaturetours.com and if interested in finding out about future workshops in Yellowstone or elsewhere contact me.

All video taken with Canon 5D mkII, using a variety of lenses including EF 500/4, EF 28-105/4, EF 70-200/4, EF 300/4.

Juan also told us this about the 7Ds “On a related topic, I have 2 7Ds on order (first on the list) and those will be my primary cameras (sadly will be selling my 5D2s) as a wildlife photographer I like having the cropping factor, plus the improved weather sealing is important to me. Those will be my cameras for all the upcoming workshops.”

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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