Very First Wedding Video Shot on the Canon EOS 7D!

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Our friends over at stillmotion have produced the first wedding video shot on the Canon EOS 7D! Proving that the 7D is indeed a versatile camera. Now, how come I didn't get picked to get TWO pre-release Canon EOS 7Ds (ok, it is obvious I don't have the talent that stillmotion does LOL!).

Redrock Micro

In their blog, Patrick says this about how they got the 7Ds
“a couple weeks ago we got a call from canon. they had a new camera coming out, and they wanted us to give it a test drive. sounds exciting right? but, having a camera before its announced, not being able to take it outside with any labels showing, and needing to be ultra top-secret certainly has its pressures. nonetheless, we felt so lucky to get that call and were just waiting for the right oppurtunity to see what the camera could do.

enter jc + esther.

if i had to choose one word to describe these two it would be, without a doubt, organic. the dress esther chose to wear was made entirely by her aunt norma. not only did she make the dress, she also helped esther get into on her wedding day. the beer at the reception was one of jc's home brews. their cakes stood atop towering stumps, their place cards set amongst a tray of grass, and the present jc got for esther was unmistakeably original and very organic. all of this, and i haven't even got to their so very touching vows.

armed with two pre-production 7ds, i don't know if i was quite prepared for all that i would experience that day. i'll start with the imagery from the 7d, their highlights film, and follow up with some of our first impressions later in the week. if your interested in more technical details, follow the link to vimeo for a complete write-up.

sorry for the tech speak at the beginning and ends, canon asked us very nicely to share that with you since it is a pre-production camera :)


jc plus esther // all 7d highlights from stillmotion on Vimeo.

7D Buyer's Guide

the first full wedding we have shot exclusively with the Canon EOS 7D.

the skinny:
// one cinematographer
// two Canon 7D cams
// four lenses; 50 f1.2, 24 f1.4, 100 macro f2.8, 70-200 f4 non-IS
// one tripod, one monopod, one cinevate pegasus heavy lifter (slider)
// audio was through a tascam and zoom h4n paired with sennheiser ew g2 wireless lavs
//no external lighting was utilized in any of the shots in the final piece. everything was working with what was there.

total cost of all the gear used that day was approx $10k.

we didn't know about the surprise engagement book (unfortunately), so all of that was very improv shooting.

we have a longer writeup on the couple (the lovely jc + esther) and their day on our blog

I also enjoyed some of the comments from Patrick on the vimeo post… like these:

“2:24 – what a stressful moment. i wanted that shot as soon as i saw the ceremony site. right before the first kiss a guest standing in front of the little hole through the leaves i had found. i quickly asked her to move slightly, then the officiant walked straight through my line of site while they were kissing (you can see him moving in the shot). i am just happy i got enough before i cut to the unmanned angle.”

“i ran the sennheiser lav mic into the tascam. that lets you have independent levels for each, so i ran to mics, in mono, and controlled the level on the tascam. i also had a zoom h4n out of the board as a backup the lav is on the groom, just hidden under his tie (just to up the production value that little bit more). i have a better audio source for the brides vows // an iriver, but haven't had time to drop it in yet.

“the key was to identify what i wanted first, then sync it up. it actually did not take long. the gift is natural audio. the speeches is a feed from the dj. the grooms vows is from his wireless lav. and the officiant is either a feed from the dj or the lav i placed on him.”

Bodas de Panamá asked:
“Great work. You guys are my favorite TV show (every night I am amazed by one of your new episodes).

Is there any technical difference between what can be achieved with the 7D or the 5D MARK II? What about the REBEL T1i, if used with the same lenses?
Is there really a difference among these cameras in the HD function?”

Patrick replied:
“yes, there certainly is. a rebel T1i is awesome. it lets you do quite a bit and i have something to show shot entirely with that soon (not a wedding either). the 7d and 5d are very similar in terms of image, to me, but the difference is the crop factor on the 7d lets you get in tighter with less light loss. of course with the 7d you also get 24P.”

There's a lot more – please read the comments on vimeo here: jc plus esther // all 7d highlights.

(Photo credit: snap from the video by stillmotion)