Some Canon EOS 7D Updates

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Philip Bloom has been active with his new Canon EOS 7D – he's been able to produce more videos and posted about his experience on his blog.

Here's the video from that page:

Random Dublin shots from workshop: Canon 7d from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

A few simple shots done on the Canon 7d cut to the beautiful voice of Elliott Smith.

All ungraded and shot using a monopod from manfrotto and the zacuto z-finder with one lens. Canon 35mm f1.4.

Cropped using Nattress Film effects

Philip Bloom provides a quick demo of 7d video monitoring, filmed at WEVA: (and included a little description on his blog)

We also found this new Canon EOS 7D article from the site Naturfokus – “Canon 7D Field Review“. There are some really good samples and good feedback about the Canon EOS 7D. Don't miss it! (We borrowed a tiny bit of one of the samples for the article lead image).

A sample of the preview:
“The feeling of holding the Canon 7D was in my opinion better than the 5D Mark II but not as good as the 1D/1DS-cameras. The beta camera I tested had no battery grip, so my little finger did not get any rest or grip. This meant that I became a bit more tired when using my thumb on the AF button behind. I´m looking forward to try the camera again with a battery pack, so it will feel more similar to 1D/1DS Mark III.”

They also include this sample:

Canon 7D Field test from Ole Jørgen Liodden on Vimeo.

Dette er en felttest av Canon 7D (Beta).

(Photo credit: snap from the samples of the 7D).

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