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I'm really happy to announce that we're now offering an additional training title for all of you macintosh fans (and over 50% of you are according to our woopra stats!). It is called “Aperture Intensive” and is produced by Sara France. Sara is one of the top Aperture experts. Not only does she do Aperture training, but she's been hired by Apple and some of her work ships with the Aperture product!

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Update 9/10 – Scott Bourne has released an interview this morning done with Sara France – pretty cool to get more info about her!

From her bio: “Sara’s images ship with Apple Aperture 2 software, Apple regularly commissions her work, all while she maintains a business and regularly shoots weddings. Sara is featured on the Aperture website as well as being featured on the Apple website. She has traveled around the world giving photographer's training on Aperture 2, and now it's your turn. In this DVD, Sara takes you through Aperture 2 from start to finish. With a running time of 3 hours plus, this Apple Aperture 2 workflow DVD is a must have for ANY photographer looking to streamline their workflow. And if you don’t own Aperture 2, you may want to see what you’re missing. Each topic includes tips that will not only train you on these areas but give you all the best practices and tips along the way that I can think of. It is packed with great tips, short cut keys, custom settings, and downloadable goodies to go along with the training.”

For more info on Sara, check out her her Apple profile and her Apple video on Aperture books.

Watch this introduction and you'll want to buy! (which you can also see in a larger size on the special Aperture Intensive page)

Don't wait! We've got a special price for planet5D readers that will be running for a limited time – buy Aperture Intensive now for only $99 with the special product code of “planet” – this training normally sells for $149 and you get over 3 hours of material. You might pay more than $500 for attending a training class like this in person!

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