Rumor – a RAW or sRAW video recording module for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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It is being rumored (thru one source) that Canon is working on a device that would provide video RAW (or maybe sRAW) output from the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and/or the Canon EOS 7D. Here is the direct quote:

“I cannot verify this AT ALL but rumor has it that Canon may be prepping to unveil a RAW or sRAW recording module for the 5D2, 7D, etc, which would record possibly via the CF card slot. Apparently they are being tested and used now.”

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I swapped emails with Tom (who posted this over on the RedUser forums (why he didn't think to contact me first I'll never know LOL!)) who gave me these additional details:

“A stand-alone Canon RAW Recording device that will record sRAW 1080-24p (14-bit?) via either the HDMI port, or a CF card slot adapter (not a CF card itself). Yes, this is an external device that takes data from the camera or the sensor and records at 1080p sRAW, apparently. Not sure if it uses the HDMI port or some kind of adapter that fits into the CF card slot.

Almost as importantly, the same source claims that the 5D2 will get a firmware update “to match the 7D's framerates and resolution.” It does make sense. If Canon is making a RAW recorder for the 5D2, then they would definitely give it 24p.”

I'm not in touch with Tom's source and I'm not getting any similar tips from anyone else that I'm chatting with so I can't confirm any of this, but here are my thoughts… This would be an interesting stop gap device-something to go after RED cameras (since they also produce RAW video out). Or it may just be something that Canon is testing for the next generation of cameras (meaning they wouldn't actually produce this as a device they sell). It would seem to me that Canon is now aware of their power in this video hybrid camera market and they want to go after RED to be king of the hill by producing cheaper and equally (if not more) powerful hybrid cameras.

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We were all told that the Canon EOS 5D Mark II probably wouldn't get a firmware upgrade to 24p etc. because of the tuning of the Digic 4 chip to 30p (please read my post on that subject). And that tho they tested 24p in the 5D2, it wasn't good enough quality. Maybe this new device would solve that issue and the 5D2 full frame sensor would be used to produce the image, but this device would have the processing power to create the 24p? (this is pure speculation on my part).

And maybe this all has something to do with an announcement that canonrumors posted the other day?
“Translation (thanks)
Mark the calendar
During this fall, Canon will make one of its largest and most important launches in the company’s history and we hope you can attend. During a luncheon, you are invited to listen to CEO Jouko Tuouminen, Marketing presiden Monica Forsberg and trend analyst Magnus Lindkvist, talking about tomorrows trends and factors of success in the continually more digitalized everyday life.
Date: september 29
Time: 11 am- 1pm”
which they updated with:
It has been pointed out that the people involved in the presentation are in fact from Canon Business Solutions. This makes the chance of it being an EOS product remote. CBS does handle printers though, there could be something new there for the photographer.”

Now, this would be a big stretch to think they're announcing this product as such a big thing, but it does seem to go along with my thought that Canon's going after this hybrid camera market big time.

By the way, there's good discussion going on in these locations if you want to read more… canonrumors and reduser

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  1. Jon lots of folks have thought of capturing the live view signal but thus far no one, not even Magic Lantern has been able to remove the on screen artifacts such as that focus rectangle.

    1. It is possible to clear all of the onscreen drawings off of the screen with Magic Lantern. In the 0.1.6 release everything will be erased from the screen when you exit the Magic Lantern menu. If you do not have zebras, histograms, edge detection or waveforms displayed the screen will be blank afterwards.

  2. That's one reason why I would believe there would have to be some kind
    of firmware update for the 5D2

  3. That's one reason why I would believe there would have to be some kind
    of firmware update for the 5D2

  4. dear God i'm praying for update to the 5d!!!!

    not to mention, the capabilities to record raw or sraw would be insane! it would also solve the 12 minute record time limit i'm guessing since you'd no longer have the CF card record limitations.

    regarding the “largest announcement of company's history”….you think that's a 1D mk iv release? i don't see what else could be so huge.

    either way – all of these rumors are exciting…so lets hope they're in the works.

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