planet5D update video and contest winner!

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With a lot of learning under my belt this weekend (and so much more learning to go), I present to you this first video blog post where we talk about training and our first contest winner and just some miscellaneous stuff.

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Please don't be too mean in those comments because I'm really just learning, but I think I've loosened up a bit — it only took me 4 tries to get a decent video together (one where I didn't say “um” and “and” about a billion times LOL).

I know, I know, I should be using my 5D2 to make these, but right now, I'm just working on learning the software and trying to be a bit less uptight. We'll get better together ok?

(Photo credit: snap from the window of the airplane as I flew from St. Louis to LA for the Collision Conference last week – copyright planetMitch!).


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