More Canon EOS 7D information flowing in and misc ramblings about the 5D2

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Now that there's excitement over the new Canon EOS 7D bubbling around the world, we're getting more and more information about it.

This evening, Rodney Charters posted this image of a Panavision lens he's mounted to a 7D – I was wondering why I saw him ‘escorted' away by a Canon rep over the weekend at the Collision Conference HA – i'll bet they were giving him a 7D to play with. He said this on twitter about the setup “Pani 24 to 275 T2.8 no vignetting 23.967” (in reference to earlier blog post where he put a Panavision lens on the 5D mk ii and had to add a 1.4 adapter to remove the vignetting).



There are also many discussions going on around the globe about whether the Canon EOS 5D Mark II will get 24p now that the 7D has it and they both use the same Digic 4 processor. We found this quote from a cinema5d post that said it came from the Canon Japan announcement:
“[According to Canon] 24fps and 60fps were made possible not because of dual DIGI4, actually a single DIGI4 can handle 24fps and 60fps. As for EOS Kiss X3 and 5D MkII, they are not sure if these cameras have enough reading speed for the data from the sensor when it comes to 60 fps. Therefore, at this point, they haven't decided to provide different shooting modes such as 24fps and 60fps through a firmware update for those EOS cameras with movie capability.”

I'm just not sure that there's enough incentive for Canon to release a 24p update to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. And, I heard from several people over the weekend that it isn't likely either. One of them was Vincent Laforet (look for our interview with him later this week).

@DSLRinformer on twitter said: Reliable sources tell me that on 7D there is no magnification to check focus after recording starts, same as 5dmkII 🙁


Also, Imaging-resource has a pre-release hands on preview! This is very extensive – much more complete than I have time for! (Besides the fact that I don't have a 7D LOL)… and they include this cute little video:


  1. I think the biggest incentive for Canon would be to keep selling the 5D. Right now everyone who wanted a 5D is aiming lower and ordering a 7D. I would so much like to have a higher fps than 30, even 50fps would make me happy! Of course, 24 would do too 😉

    Btw Mitch great job on the coverage!

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  3. Thanks for the comment Alain. I'll disagree tho with you on the number
    of folks “aiming lower” — the chatter I saw on twitter yesterday was
    very much split and there are plenty of people still aiming high at
    the 5D2 🙂

  4. That's a good question…

    It was 3 years between versions of the 5d and the 5D2. I suspect that
    if they can upgrade the 5D2 to include the features from the 7D, there
    would be a lot of incentive to accomplish that and sell even more 5Ds

  5. – Along with this great release called 7D, is the reaction of THOUSANDS of people who invested (millions of dollars around the world)in the 5D Mark II and all expensive full-frame lenses and have requested for MONTHS to Canon to improve its Firmware, so they can shoot at those standard frame rates (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps).

    – PLEASE check these links:……

    – It's a WORLDWIDE effort that will benefit everyone, Canon included (keeping this best seller's profit, already designed, already in production, already selling).

    Customers DESERVE more attention, service and to “be listened” in REAL facts.

    Thanks a lot in advance for everyone's support and help.

  6. What would Canon do if customers decide to buy the cheaper 7D because of its better video mode instead of the more expensive 5DMk2? The result would be less profit for Canon.

  7. The only people who may be considering the 7d over the 5d are people who don't care about full frame and /or are focused on video. I can certainly see the 7d appealing to people that need the better AF and shooting speed, but the 5d never really appealed to those people in the first place, a 1d would have been a much better option and in some countries did not cost a lot more than the 5d2. Besides, the improvements made on the 7d (100% vf, better AF, twin DIGIC) are more than likely to be found on the 5d3 whenever that comes out.

    I do hope there's a firmware upgrade for the 5d, not that I shoot a lot of video or care about 24p but it would mean Canon is listening and cares about its customers.

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