How To: Sync Sound and Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Yesterday, @lvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez website) posted on his blog about a video he'd found that I thought we just had to share. It is a quick tutorial done by on how to sync sound on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II with audio recorded on a Zoom H4n using PluralEyes software (which was also discussed in this post on our blog).

The tutorial is by Jem Schofield who has quite a few good quick tutorials on his site.

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  2. The only issue with this is that if the audio recorded on camera has no similarity to the audio recorded separately from the camera. EG, you are on a long lens and the camera cannot “hear” what the sound guy does hear. Then your sync game is f…d.
    Better way is to record timecode as audio on one of the 5D tracks, and then read it in Final Cut. Absolute reference, no limitations.

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