Green Screen – can the Canon EOS 5D Mark II do keying?

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Also found another post by Jem Schofield about “greenscreen” – or “keying” for video (which all means using a green background to isolate the foreground subject so you can replace the background with another video source (like what they do on the weather on the TV with the map in the background).

Redrock Micro

For more info on keying, please visit the planet5D wiki which has a few links. Also, visit Jem's post to find out more about how to greenscreen – there are several good links on the bottom of the post.


  1. Nice. Setup. How about some verbal resolution as to your analysis of the key. Watching video compressed for the web is hard to judge accurately.

  2. You are right. Light is the key to keying.
    That would be interesting to know what tool you use in FCP to do the keying.

  3. Guys, this isn't my video – please don't ask detailed questions
    here… go over to his site which I linked to several times – he's got
    information on the tools over there.


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  5. Good thing. Well done. I am happy it can be done. however I figure it is just a test but when approaching the real thing you have to be careful to monitor your lighting setup. There is still a lot of green hue in the skintone to be seen. Ok, decent colorcorrection will take care of it. but some soft rimlights might take care of that problem. Also you wanna place your subject as far away from the Green as possible (green colour leaking into your shady parts) and most of all. keep the focus on your subjects. If you f.i. have eyes and nose in focus for a close up and your ears and hair in the back goes soft the keying software might not perform as good and you get into trouble…

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