Collision Conference – Day 2 reports

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I've been meaning to write up my notes for the Collision Conference and have started and stopped several times. Yesterday, planet5D friend Tito da Costa (@radraven) has put together the most amazing post and I just don't know that I can add much to it.

Tho I will say that the day was incredibly interesting in the way that it was planned. There were presentations about each of the 3 major cameras in the hybrid cameras – the GH1, the RED, and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. This really was an amazing day and I was totally exhausted at the end…. I was so exhausted that my brain wasn't working. I had the helmet-cam in my hands and didn't think to put it on! Silly me.

Update: To be fair to Shane Hurlbut, here's a better picture than the one I used to lead this story:

Training guide

Here are a few tidbits from @radravenbut you MUST read the whole post!!!

On the GH1:
“The one undeniable factor is that hybrid cameras have unbeatable low light performance! That reason alone makes them an extremely useful tool, if nothing else as a B-cam. The GH1 examples of exterior night scenes, lit only by the existing practicals was very, very impressive!

Indie filmmakers will relish with this fact! Better light sensitivity means smaller light kit, or in many cases no light kit… and from what I’ve seen so far, if you know what you’re doing, with no quality compromises.”

On the RED:
“Red’s products roadmap is exciting, scary, bold, arrogant and amazing… I’ve seen Red as the real game changer since I first saw their cast model at NAB. Yeah, it wasn’t even a camera, it couldn’t even turn on… but you could just feel it! Something different was coming… and when it did, it arrived with a boom!

Thousands of movies have been shot on the Red One today and many more will continue, but the Red One is still a camera for the elites. The Scarlet, in my opinion, is what’s is really going to change the game in a very democratic way.”

On the Canon EOS 5D Mark II:
“To be honest, the only thing I knew about Shane Hurlbut before this presentation was that he was the DP on Terminator Salvation… now I know he’s the most passionate DP I have ever heard…

It felt like he was there on a mission… If by any chance you were there too, tell me you didn’t feel like buying a 5D on the spot?!

haha! Shane was so enthusiastic about the 5D that Canon not hiring him for every single presentation they do on the 5D is just as insightful as the lack of 24p in it…

“I own 15 of these!” he said. “That’s how much I love it!”

Surrounded by what sounds like a dream team, Shane told us his incredible stories of how the 5D has been put to use in his productions and he couldn’t make it sound more inspiring! From impossible shots that resulted on camera destruction in T4, or by putting it in front of real US Marine’s line of fire, Shane kept raising the 5D’s pedestal.”

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I really mean this — you MUST go read Tito's post – there are lots and lots of great comments and photos and so much more than what I've snipped here!

It was indeed an amazing day and if you had been there, you would have walked away both stunned and inspired. You'd better make plans to be at the next conference!

(Photo credit: snap from one of planetMitch's images at the end of the long day – Shane Hurlbut acting crazy with a woman whom I had a very nice conversation with but I can't remember her name for the life of me – I told you it was a long day! It was a “C” name – Candice maybe?).


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