Canon EOS 7D video samples coming out

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Canon EOS 7D video samples are starting to spring up around the net. We're gathering the good ones we can find (there are a couple not worth watching and I suspect they may not even be 7D samples).

Perya (Town Fair) – a Canon 7D Short from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

Canon Philippines lent us a pre-production model of the 7d. We got it Tuesday 6pm and had to return it the following Thursday at noon.

We wanted to document something truly Filipino and came up with the idea of shooting a “Perya”. There really is no direct equivalent in English. It's not as grand as a carnival, not as permanent and posh as an amusement park, there are no pumpkins nor cows in competition like a country fair. It is what it is – a Perya.

Shot in 1920 x 1080 at 24p. Transcoded to XDcam codec. Edited in Premiere Pro CS3.

No color grading was utilized.

No additional lights used.

FCP Training

Canon 7D Test video (17-55IS) from Bernard Maltais on Vimeo.

Short Canon 7D test clip.


FCP Training

Canon EOS 7D first and short handling test from v.striemer on Vimeo.

Today the first contact with a Canon EOS 7D in Berlin at the IFA 2009.

its a nice item and a better handling is now possible.


  1. Really? No additional lighting used? The first thing that struck me about the film was the clarity, simply amazing. And the lighting is really awesome too. The whole look and feel is really spectacular. Kind of cool to see the inner workings of a Perya, too.

  2. Where can one find links to short, unedited clips of EOS 7D video in their native 1280×720 60p h.264 MOV format? I'd like to see which media players and editing packages support the format without prior transcoding. I presume the uploads to Vimeo are cut to 24p and a lower bitrate. Does that cause some IQ loss? The 7D has some features the larger 5D Mii does not, but the latter has a stereo on-board mic, whereas the 7D's is mono. A 2-channel external mic is an option, but also a bugbear.

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