Rumors abound about new Canon EOS 7D and 60D

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The ‘nets are swarming with rumors of new Canon DSLRs (they just released some new compact cameras) the last few days, and I assume most of you have seen them, but just in case you haven't we'd darn well better give you the news right? is the best place to go if you're a rumor watcher and we love them too… their site has been so busy the last few days, they are often overwhelmed (and they're working to fix that).

Recent rumors are about a possible new 60D and 7D.

Collision Conference

There's also some new photos running around of a mysterious camera top piece that doesn't seem to match any current products.

The 7D seems to be a little brother of the 5D mk ii and may be full frame. Rumors are pointing to a Sept 1 announcement? CanonRumors has this post about the rumored specs.

(Photo credit: snap from CanonRumors site)


  1. the big question is does it have 1080 HD video 30/24p ??
    and if its the 5DMK II little brother and more likely at a lower price point its
    features couldn't possibly be better than the MKII ???

  2. “Couldn't possibly be better” Why not? They do it all the time. The 5D mk ii will have nearly been out for a year when the rumored 7D is released. I would expect many areas of improvement over the 5D and others that at least match it in performace. I don't think it will match up in every way, but it would not be impossible for it to come close, keeping in mind that eventually there will be a 5D mk iii that will totally blow it away.

  3. An interesting article which is generating a lot of interest on the web! By the way a I am presuming that is a great retouch for the 7D logo.

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