“Lemonade” movie trailer-5D2 and Red work together

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Here at planet5D, we're getting some amazing submissions-so many in fact we can't keep up! planet5D friend Mark Harmel sent us this beautiful trailer for “Lemonade” shot on both the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Red along with the story of how he got involved. It really is a great story – congrats to Mark for getting involved and letting us share in his success. And, we're not the only ones interested, Advertising Age has run a piece on the movie.

“A couple of months ago I started to follow the Twitter stream of Erik Proulx @eproulx, a laid-off copy writer that created the support website called Please Feed the Animals – a blog for the recently unemployed advertising professional.

I read that he was looking for good stories and planed on filming in Los Angeles. I tweeted back asking if I could help. My original thought was that I would shoot some stills on set that could be useful to promote the film, but I had the 5D MKII and was playing with the video capability as well.

I ended up shooting second video camera during the more formal studio interview shoot. My role was to look for details and go for second angle close-ups of hands and faces that could be used to cut the scene. These video snips were mixed in with the straight on shots captured with the Red camera.

I also did an independent session with Kurtis Glade who was making his own documentary of a surf camp for kids and teens with Cystic Fibrosis. That was a mix of stills and video. After the team of Erik and director Marc Colucci arrived in town we did a session with David Cohen getting a manicure at a local salon. Here again I shot mostly video that was cut into with his interview.

Peter Nelson, who shot “Sicko” with Michael Moore, was the leading director of production.”

You can see the results in the HD web video trailer of the movie in much larger size if you want on the movie's site

The stills below are screen grabs from the 5D MKII video.




(Photo credit: lead image is a snap from the video – all other images are copyright Mark Harmel)


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