Collision conference less than a week away!

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If you're planning on doing video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II or even those of you crazy enough to use a Red (LOL), this will be a great conference! As we mentioned a few weeks ago in this post, there are some great speakers, including Vincent Laforet, Rodney Charters, Shane Hurlburt and Frank Rohmer – and more!

I'm excited because i'll be there – I'm bringing only 30 t-shirts to give away so if you'll be there, you'd better find me early :) Look for a black t-shirt with the planet5D logo on the front – and if it isn't me wearing it, it will be one that's already been given away.

Here's a rundown of the 2 days:
The Collision Conference is a two day event focusing on hybrid photography using cameras that capture stills and video. It takes place August 29th and 30th in Hollywood at the LA Film School 6363 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 and is divided up into two tracks over two days. Track one is focused on hybrid photography and track two is a look at using the RED ONE and VDSLRs for indie film/TV productions, and feature films.

Saturday August 29th Hybrid Photography – Incorporating Video Into Still Photography

Saturday will feature speakers and demonstrations relating to VCS (Video Capture for Stills) and is intended for photographers and videographers interested in delivering stills and video to their clients using a single capture device. Michael Britt will open the day with a look at the equipment available along with the workflow that Image Mechanics has developed in order to stay competitive in this hybrid market. Alexx Henry will speak about his experiences shooting “Living Posters” with the REDΓ’β€žΒ’ ONE motion picture camera and the Canon 5D Mark II. Next, Frank Rohmer will give an overview of editing software and VDSLR workflow. There will be a VCS live shoot in the concourse area during the lunch break followed by a presentation from Smugmug entitled “Ignite the Fusion” where they will screen and discuss projects hosted by Smugmug including Vincent Laforet's Reverie. The keynote speaker of the day is Vincent Laforet who will be speaking about his experiences shooting Reverie and his transition into hybrid photography and filmmaking.

Sunday August 30th Digital Filmmaking with the RED ONE, 5D Mark II and the GH1

Sunday will focus on DSLR filmmaking with Director of Photography, Shane Hurlbut ASC as the keynote speaker. Shane has used the Canon 5D Mark II in innovative ways and will talk about the future of these hybrid cameras in motion pictures. Liam Finn and Illya Friedman will discuss using Cinema Lenses on the Panasonic GH1 to create the cinema look for DSLR Filmmaking. Ted Shilowitz from RED will present “The Future is Now… and What's Coming Next for 4K and Beyond” where he will screen 4K RED footage and discuss advantages of the RED system for photographers and filmmakers. The Cinematographer for the television show 24, Rodney Charters ASC CSC, will talk about “Creating a Hollywood Esthetic Without a Crew” focusing on a recent project in North Korea using a RED camera as well as blending 5D Mark II footage with RED on television projects. Last up before Shane's keynote speech is a look at what's new in Final Cut Pro 7 by Frank Rohmer.

Full conference attendees are eligible to win thousands of dollars in door prizes, with drawing throughout each day. Prizes include:
Redrock Micro “Captain Stubling” DSLR Bundle – value $975
Redrock Micro Image Mechanics VCS bundle – value approx $900
Litepanels Micro LED Lights (1 each day) – value $299 each
Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/50 lens in your choice of Canon or Nikon mount – value $660
Blinkbid Bidding and Invoicing software (6 copies)- value $229 each
SmugMug Pro Annual Memberships – value $150 each
Ziess Lens Cleaning Kits (20 total) – value $20 each
Ikan V5600 LCD Monitors (2) – value $699 each
Every full conference ticket holder will also receive a SmugMug professional camera strap!

I really hope to meet you there!

By the way, is there anyone out there who's interested in planet5D t-shirts that won't be able to make it? If I had some available for say $15, would you buy one? Here's the logo going on the front:



  1. If you have an XXL, I'll be looking for you first thing in the morning?! ; )~

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