Collision Conference – Day 1 Notes

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(Editor note, due to problems with my Dull laptop, posting this was delayed until I got home).

Wow – I am just completely awed by the Collision Conference so far. It has just been a real joy to meet so many wonderful people and to learn so much in just the first day. I wish i'd had the 5D2 running the whole day to record it so i could play it back LOL. I don't suspect that everyone has been as excited as i have been, but then again it isn't every day that a blogger from the middle of nowhere gets to rub noses with some bigwigs in the movie biz and to meet lots of people who read his blog from around the world. It is humbling.

It boggles my mind to talk to people about where all of this is going… and the exciting thing is that we're just at the beginning. There will be other really cool conferences coming – the Collision Conference will be back and I'm sure there will be a groundswell around the industries (both still and motion) in the coming months.

I've met some amazing people (i'll go thru the first day chronologically to make it easy on my brain)… I started the first day by meeting the great folks at the Smugmug booth. Markham, Jeff, Rich and his wife Lyndi (sp?). It is so comforting to talk to them about the Smugmug family – it is indeed run like a small family business). They're doing beautiful work on photographer's sites and provide the best service on the planet (well, maybe besides my friends at Apple LOL). And they're the only ones offering full 1080 video streaming. Oh, and I got to meet David Wolf on Friday – he's the guy who helped me move the blog from running on my little iMac at home to professional servers and his crew designed the logo and helped me with the blog setup etc. He's in the business of doing custom work on Smugmug photographer sites, so he had fun stretching out to work with me. Great guy if you need some help getting your site set up!

Then, somewhere in the morning I met Ken and Mark and John and half a dozen other readers of the blog. So nice to meet people like you folks who read the blog and enjoy what I'm putting out. This is where the humbling part comes in. It is so cool to find out just how much the blog and wiki have been helping people with their 5D2s. To be able to live and work a day job in St. Louis Missouri and to touch people around the world is indeed an amazing thing!

I also met the Bui brothers – Lan and Vu – they showed me and the Smugmug guys some amazing work they're about to release on a new venture for them. I hope we'll be able to share that with you soon.

Then I finally met Frank Rohmer face to face. He's the guy doing the Final Cut Pro training we have on the training page. We've talked via email and chatted online thru iChat but this was so nice to sit down and just talk. Then i got to see his presentation and i was blown away. His teaching skills are just so captivating. He just grabs you and won't let go. Even talking about the simple things he draws you right in. He's darn good at training and it was even more fun to watch him do it in front of a live audience. Great stuff!

Somewhere around here, I met Tom Stafford – one of the two guys putting on the Collision Conference. I was very humbled to find out just how important planet5D has been for them. We brought them the most conference attendees! Not to mention they found Frank Rohmers and I introduced them to Rodney Charters. They had to pull me down from the rafters after that LOL.

I saw Alexx Henry's presentation on Living Movie Posters and it was incredible to see on a huge screen (we're at the LA Film School (which is a whole story on itself) and they've got a beautiful theater with great technology). He's one of the guys moving from still photography into “images that move” as he likes to say it. Paraphrasing what he said “We're not making moving pictures (like they say about full length movies), we're making pictures that move.” And that's a great way to think about these living posters he's doing (we showed his stuff on the blog a few months ago). And that's one way to think about how we still photographers are moving into digital video. Again paraphrasing… “Still photographers have the eye, they know how to make great images. Now they need to learn how to make those pictures that tell a story move.” I got to meet him later in the day and we had a fascinating conversation.

I actually met Alexx while i was waiting to interview Vincent Laforet! Yep, Vincent graciously agreed to sit down for a little chat which i hope to get online soon (after things cool down and i get back to St. Louis). I think I did pretty well for being my first “taped” interview ever and being totally nervous about interviewing someone of Vincent's stature right off the bat. My thanks to Frank and Ning for backing me up with a B camera too – that helped with my nerves a bit.

Vincent was the last presenter for the day. Wow (again). The thing that blew me away was seeing “Reverie” on the full screen (and this was a high tech screen!) For those who say that the Canon EOS 5D Mark II “won't hold up on the big screen” are just wrong. And everyone I talked to after agreed.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Rodney Charters (you know, the Director of Photography on the little TV show called “24”) came up to introduce himself right before Vincent spoke. Of course, I gave him a planet5D t-shirt! Ha. I'll get a chance to sit down with him sometime today.

At the after party, I met Shane Hurlbut and his Lydia whom I'd chatted with online. It is so much fun putting faces to these people I've met virtually! I hope to have time to interview them as well.

And I met Craig from Apple who's a camera/video guy. I met Liam Finn who's speaking today and we had a long chat about where all of this is going and about his movie.

Oh, i've got to go shower and get ready for what's to come today! More later!

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