Canon EOS 5D Mark II survives paintball – and you could win a Cinevate rig

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planet5D friend Patrick Moreau from sent us this tip a few days ago and we're just so far behind it is unbearable (we're adding on to our house and there is so much to do!). The video was shot at a paintball game and is a promo for the Cinevate rigs and there is still time to enter because the deadline is August 31, but even so, the video is pretty cool. Keep reading “after the fold” as they say to see an amazing same day edit from the stillmotion folks!

Collision Conference

From the Cinevate site: “Cinevate's DSLR Rig, Pegasus LTS and Ballare Dolly were used to shoot this piece. The clip demonstrates the DSLR rig being rapidly transitioned from tripod, to shoulder, to steadicam and to our Pegasus system.”

Here's what Patrick had to say:

“Thought you would enjoy running this for two reasons:
1. the piece is all MKII and shot on a paintball field. a couple cameras actually took stray bullets :)
2. I'm sure your readers would love the chance to win a free dslr rig. its not my contest, we just shot the film.

creative combat // recycle // win a free cinvate dslr rig from stillmotion on Vimeo.

visit for more details on how to win your own dslr rig // the same one used in this piece.

this is all MKII, 30P, shot with the steadicam flyer, pilot, cinevate dslr rigs and pegasus heavy lifter, 16-35 f2.8, 24-70 f2.8, 135 f2, 24 f1.4.

all grading done with native FCP filters in FCP.

we have a behind the scenes trailer coming in three parts with some discussion on the project and thought process. that is set to air on eventDV TV in the coming weeks.

I know many of you are familiar with Stillmotion, but here's a sample of an amazing wedding same day edit that they just recently produced… get your hankies out

going in blind // aaron + jess' sde from stillmotion on Vimeo.

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