Canon EOS 5D Mark II does panoramas too

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I don't think I've used that title yet LOL… yes, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II can make some amazing still photographs and in this case, a bunch of them put together in a panorama. planet5D friend Rachel sent in an HDR panorama she took of Edinburgh, Scotland taken from Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park.


Collision Conference

Here's a small snippet of the image – which she shares on flickr, but realize that her ‘full size' image on flickr is only 19% of the full size!


In her blog post, she describes how she took the photo, calibrating, setting up the pano and more. As well as including some good samples of the 3 different exposures she used in the HDR and the result. Please take a minute to visit Rachel's blog!

Thank you Rachel for sharing with all of us!

(Photo credit: snap from rachel's panorama – she retains copyrights!)


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