Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a little patience

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Donald Kilgore created this beautiful piece with his Canon EOS 5D Mark II that has been highlighted on Vimeo.

“One of my videos is featured on the home page of vimeo today. (shot on 5D of course!) It's a short film about a guy who lives on the streets downtown and makes flowers out of napkins and other paper garbage that he finds, in the video he sings a short song that tells his story. The film has gotten a lot of positive feedback and I wanted to pass this on so you.”

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Please visit his blog post announcing the video for more info, but here's a snippet: “When out shooting around downtown Houston the other night with a few friends we came across this guy on Main Street, full of character and personality. We started talking with him and he began to share his life story and unique art with us.

This man, who lives on the street, makes paper flowers out of napkins and other various pieces of paper garbage that he finds. His work is incredibly detailed. To me, he an artists in the purist sense by taking “trash” and turning it into something beautiful. He said it takes him about a day to make one of these paper flowers.”

Quite an interesting little piece!

Paper Flowers & A Little Patience from Donald Kilgore on Vimeo.

This is a guy we came across downtown while shooting for fun one night. Read about the experience & his story here

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II, Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 – I did not have the Rode Mic with me so the audio is from the camera's built in mic.

(Photo credit: snap from the video)


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