Astounding Canon 5D Mark II Underwater Video and Review

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You will NOT believe this video shot with our old friend the Canon EOS 5D Mark II underwater in the Bahamas. You loved the “Hypnotic Ocean Aquarium” video we posted a few weeks ago (and it went viral) – well, this video is as good or better – oh, and there's also a very complete review of shooting stills and video underwater with the 5D2 to go along with it. One of the really cool aspects of this video is that you get the sensation of swimming along with a pod of dolphins because they were using a Dive-X scooter to pull the diver and camera along right along side the dolphins.

The review and video is by Berkley White and the folks at Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo and it will just blow you away. I've been waiting to post this for a few days hoping to get permission to share it directly in the blog, but I called them just now only to find out everyone is out on another shoot off the coast of California. So for now, you'll have to trust me enough to click on the following image to go to the Backscatter site to see this amazing video… and to read the review and to see how they created this wonderful piece.

backscatter dolphin

Note, there is also a 720p version linked on their site – just below the smaller video. If you have the bandwidth, watch that version!

Oh, and if you want to see more of their videos, they've got a podcast on iTunes

Now, just because we're all gaga over this video, let's not forget this is one complete review of the underwater capabilities of the camera and things like housings and white balance underwater and has a pretty complete listing of the “cons” of the 5D mk ii. And one of the most interesting (and unique) parts of this review is the discussion of the Dive-X scooter used in the filming. Here's a listing of the sections of the review:

5D Mark II Compared to Other Pro Video Cameras
Underwater Camera Housings
Underwater Scooters
Underwater Color Correction Filters
Underwater Tripods

Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo seems to be an excellent source for information about diving and creating videos as well as taking people on tours to make their own amazing underwater movies. I hope we'll be able to bring you more of their stuff in the future!

Oh, and please share the video with all your friends… I think this one is well worth sharing with friends and family… oh, and don't forget to thank the folks at Backscatter!

(Photo credit: snap from the video)

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