Stunning still photographs from the 5D Mark II? Yes!

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Several days ago, while watching the Canon EOS 5D Mark II chatter on twitter, we ran across some stunning still images (yes, we do remember that the 5D2 actually shoots stills! LOL) produced by Michelle Legg (please check out her images  on redbubble and pick out a few for your walls!) and we contacted her to see if we could tease you with some beautiful stuff (and thankfully, she agreed). Michelle also has set up a new blog where she's posting her 5D mk ii stuff and her “macro a day” series.

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Michelle says this about the 5D mk ii:

“What a camera.

I remember the day I bought my new baby home. I had to place an order for the camera as they were as rare as hen teeth. I waited and waited and finally – the call came. To say that I did a dance around the lounge room before running out the door to the city to pick it up would be an understatement!

Firstly – all images on this blog have been taken solely with the Canon 5dMKII.

So, why did I choose this wonderful piece of equipment?

For many reasons.

Firstly I really wanted the full frame “goodness”! It’s made quite a difference when chasing those wild beasties in the garden – I can actually get all of the insect in the frame and still keep it at 1:1

I know that mp aren’t everything – but these 21mp on offer are all put to good use.

The high ISO without grain. I was always scared to push my old 400D over the 400ISO mark – but on this baby – I’ve been up to 3200 ISO, whilst hanging on the side of little boat taking photos of a beautiful MV going down the Brisbane River – with NO GRAIN!! I didn’t know whom to hug and thank for that ability!

I’ve never used the Live View but I’m eagerly looking forward to giving to the Movie function a go. I’ve got an idea in mind and soon (when my series is over) will story board my idea and film! Needless to say it’ll have something to do with the macro lens.

It’s solid! I don’t feel like it’s going to come apart in my hands.

Collision Conference
It’s reliable – not once has it missed a beat or not focused on a subject when I have the lens on AF. I take pictures for magazines and I need the camera to work each and every time I turn it on!

The various functions that are available – from the custom functions to customising a picture function has been very handy.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what this camera can do and I’m looking forward to continuing on my macro journey with my new ‘assistant’”

So, as you can see, Michelle produces some stunning photographs and we're very pleased that she'd share some of them with us! Thank you Michelle! You'll want to visit her redbubble site to see her entire collection and you'll want them for your walls as prints, or cards, or posters.

(all photos copyright Michelle Legg – please honor all copyrights)


  1. Great article and loving the close up photos, would love to know what lens was used too, macro or other?

  2. Hey Sy

    I always use the Canon 100mm f/2/8 macro lens. One day I’ll get the Macro MP E 65 lens… day……

  3. Great post. Michelle’s photography is wonderful! Oh … and the 5D Mark II … ummm … SPECTACULAR!! That’s why I married mine. Don’t have the 100mm f/2.8 but the 85mm f/1.2 is perfection in glass. I highly highly recommend it. (did I say highly?) Peace, Glen

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