planet5D joins the Think Tank Photo affiliate program

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We're happy to add Think Tank Photo to our affiliate program. Not only do you help support planet5D by ordering your Think Tank products thru our links, you'll get a free gift for orders over $50 (and with these cool products, that's not hard to do LOL). Please note that tho you may browse the Think Tank site, in order for us to get credit and for you to get your free gift, you must use this link.

Just a few weeks ago, Think Tank Photo announced their new Multimedia DSLR bag system. They produced a video about the bags.

So, skip on over to Think Tank Photo's site and have a look at their cool products and when you're ready to order and get a free gift that you get to pick, please click this link!


  1. How about a few examples of what the free gift choices are? I found a list that someone posted in a blog in January, but that may not be accurate.

    I’m sure people would want to know if their free gift choice was a worthless $1 item or a useful $20 accessory.

  2. Hi: I oversee this program at Think Tank. The free gifts vary depending on what we have in stock. We’re expecting our next big shipment in a couple of weeks, and the free bags being offered will be the Modular Pouch ($19.95), Cable Management 20 ($19.95), Pixel Pocket Rocket ($16.50), and Security Tag ($25.00).

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