Philip Bloom releases TV spot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II

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Philip Bloom (imdb profile), who brought us “Sophia's People” a little bit ago, announced on his blog today that he used his Canon EOS 5D Mark II to shoot a TV commercial. The client for the spot asked Philip to shoot it with the 5DMkII and wanted it to be similar to “Sophia's People.”

We also highlighted Philip's “How to convert Canon EOS 5D Mark II from 30p to 24p

You really must read the entire post – as he explains quite a bit about how the commercial was filmed and there are a goodly number of photos to go with it.

Here's the commercial:

“On Your Shoulder” Commercial shot on the Canon 5dMkII 25p from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Commercial shot in Sofia, Bulgaria in one day for mobile phone carrier M-Tel's Prima.

Shot on the Canon 5dmkII using the Zacuto Tactical shooter and the Z-Finder V1 and conformed to 25p using Cinema Tools.

Blog coming soon about the making of this.


I found these two bits real interesting tho!

“I also had to shoot stills which would be used in the print campaigns, my first time as a paid photographer. There is convergence for you!” He's darn right! A videographer shooting stills – shocking.

And this bit:
“This camera is very much in demand from clients. I am going to India in just under two weeks to shoot a 90 second commercial for Greenpeace on Climate Change on the 5dmkII again.” – So, clients are asking for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II to shoot video. Not bad for a still camera LOL


  1. Wow, that had to be the easiest shot in the world. 8 Shots and virtually no editing and no natural sound.

  2. Yea … it’s okay but nothing earth shattering or ground-breaking by any stretch of the imagination. I’d be interested to see it actually broadcast on a big screen. My bet is the compression would be more evident.

  3. I hate those count-downs! Why not remove it? This is not TV we don’t need to time the video, wasted bandwidth. Looks very video, would have liked to see more color grading.

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