NYTimes Michael Jackson Fan Memories Canon 5D Mark II Video

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With all the hoopla over the Michael Jackson memorial, it was good to see the New York Times web coverage via this piece “Fan Memories” piece shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II. We contacted Zach Wise, the producer of the piece to get some background information.

“Big fan of your blog. It's great to see a group of people looking for new ways to present visual stories with this camera.

For the Michael Jackson Memorial piece I worked on, we decided before I left for L.A. that we would use the 5D MarkII to try and push the look of the piece, and to try something new. The first thing I did, is call up a freelancer, Patrick Burke, to run sound. Patrick used to be an AC in L.A. so he came with all the right tools, including a film slate that we used to sync audio from a Marantz PMD660 to the video footage of the 5D.

We interviewed about 50 people for the piece but could only use a fraction of them in the end for several reasons. Once we synced up the audio to the footage in Final Cut, you really have to transcode to start editing, because every cut you make, you run the risk of de-syncing the audio, plus h264 is not very nice for native editing.

I had a deadline of 5pm EST the next day which meant 2pm PST. Just enough time to slam out an edit… BUT the transcoding was going to take 16hrs!! I had to ditch most of the footage, and pick a couple people to transcode in order to get the piece up.

Also, the piece that is up was compressed for transmission and then reencoded in NYC for the NYTimes website. I assure you the original footage looks amazing. I've attached a frame grab.”


So, due to restrictions, we're not able to post the video itself, but please visit the NYT page for this awesome video piece on Michael Jackson's followers.


  1. To solve the edit problem, the solution could have been to create low resolution proxies (at let say 25% of original size), edit these then apply the XML to the end clips.

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