New Training: Final Cut Pro for Photographers Featuring Canon 5D Mark II Workflow

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With all the excitement over video on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, photographers new to videography will need training and finally, we have Final Cut Pro (FCP) training that is customized for the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


Not long ago, we were sent a copy of “Final Cut Pro for Photographers Featuring Canon 5D Mark II Workflow” (note: the link takes you to the planet5D order page) – new training that is available on DVD directly from the author Frank Rohmer (sold via planet5D – please see the disclaimer at the bottom).

“Photography Video Workflow: Final Cut Pro + Canon 5D Mark II” is designed for anyone who wants to shoot high-definition video with the Canon 5D Mark II and create a finished product using Final Cut Pro. The course gives you the basic knowledge of FCP and editing stills and video to produce a final product.

Frank Rohmer is the instructor for this series and I must say he knows his stuff and is an excellent trainer. His delivery is easy to listen to and often he throws in a bit of humor to keep things interesting. Definitely not dry and boring! He has plenty of experience as well with over 14 years of video production and he's an Apple Certified Trainer. He's also taught FCP since 2001.

Later in this review, we'll have a sample of the training. The DVD includes files for you to make a finished movie by the time you're done with the 2 1/2 hours of training materials.

The lessons:

  1. Introduction
  2. Meet Final Cut Pro
  3. Project Preset
  4. Proper Project Setup
  5. Transferring and Importing Canon HD files
  6. Transcoding
  7. Assembling your Clips
  8. Auto Sequence Setup
  9. Inserting Editing and Trimming
  10. Transitions and Filter Effects
  11. Mixing Photos with Video
  12. Color Correction
  13. Creating Basic Titles
  14. Adding and Adjusting Audio
  15. Converting Non Drop to Drop
  16. Finishing & Exporting your Movie

Most of the clips include updates for specifically handling the Canon EOS 5D Mark II files.

The review

I'm not a Final Cut Pro user, so tho the FCP is a bit different for me (I have only used iMovie for my amateur movies) but I understand enough about the editing concepts that Frank's tutorials make total sense to me. His presentation skills help even the novice understand what he's teaching.

The first thing that may surprise you if you get the DVD is that it doesn't open in the DVD player when you insert the disk. It hasn't been set up as a video DVD, it is a data DVD. There's an introduction pdf with some instructions and two folders. One with lessons and one with the training source materials.

As I've said, Frank's style is very good for this type of training. His voice is easy to listen to and he uses quite a bit of inflection in his voice so that you don't go to sleep!

Target Audience:

As Frank says in the final chapter, this training just scratches the surface on what can be done with Final Cut Pro. I think we can safely say that this training is aimed at the beginner to intermediate user of FCP who just wants some additional information on the use of the 5D2 with FCP. There will be additional training series created to help the intermediate and expert users of FCP.

The listing of chapters above will show you that there is a lot of coverage of FCP basics. Frank very appropriately adds additional details when appropriate to help you understand what is different with the 5D mk ii files. So, if you already have expertise with FCP, it might be a bit tough to pull out the 5D mk ii nuggets.

Sample – Transferring and Importing

Pluses and minuses

Overall, this is some excellent training. Clear and concise and easily understood. I especially like having a DVD that I can watch over and over again if there's something I don't really get the first time. I really liked that Frank often includes descriptions of how to use keyboard shortcuts to perform some of the tasks. I'm a big fan of the keyboard over grabbing the mouse over and over.

Frank starts you out at the beginning and walks you thru just about everything you can think of that you'll need to get up to speed – and it is especially nice to be getting customized training for the 5D mk ii. The section on transcoding mentions quite a few things about the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, but it doesn't discuss every possible option, nor does it go into the details of every different type of codec (and doing so would take much of its own training session). The section will give you help to get started, but won't answer every question you have about 5D2 video. There are also several times where there are plugins mentioned that don't come with FCP, but Frank let's you know that so you're aware of possibly needing to spend some additional money.

The only real negatives are for people who are maybe expecting a lot of really good 5D mk ii information. There is plenty of good info for the beginner – how to import, how to process, how to transcode etc. But if you're already a FCP user, you're not going to learn a whole lot about how to really process the 5D mk ii footage you've taken. But then again, I can't really fault this training for not including that – that's not what it was designed to do. I also believe that Frank will be working on more training where specific details like converting to 24fps and syncing audio files etc. will be covered. If you're looking for those details, don't purchase this DVD.

As I also stated before, I was expecting the DVD to play as a DVD thru the player when I inserted it into my iMac so was a bit confused to have to go looking for the files in the finder. Not a huge negative, but something to be aware of when you buy it.

My understanding is that the vast majority of this material also applies to Final Cut Express (the little brother of ‘Pro') but I won't guarantee it.


So, in a nutshell, if you're just starting out with video and want to step up from iMovie because it can't/won't do all you want, then you really should get this training and step thru it several times. You'll easily learn how to be a good video editor!


Most of this review was put together before an agreement was made for planet5D to become an affiliate of the Frank Rohmer DVD training materials. If you buy the DVD thru the links, planet5D will receive a commission. But that affiliation didn't materially impact the review of the materials – I found very few things to say that were negatives the first time I viewed the training and I continue to believe that it is very good to excellent training for the FCP beginner.

If you're interested in possibly ordering, please see our new training page.


  1. Hi,

    Slightly confused…the link under your training section doesn’t seem to work and the one in the review seems to just take you to a non-descript Paypal page asking you to pay $54.99 to a random account?

    Is this the only way to purchase the DVD?

    What are the shipping rates to the UK?

    And does the DVD cover UK conversion rates/formats too?


    1. Author

      Thanks Sid – appreciate the input a lot! The link on the training page worked before, but i’ll check it and fix what ever is wrong.

      The link is to the paypal account of Frank Rohmer, the author of the training. He will be distributing the DVDs himself thru his company.

      He and I discussed a different setup for overseas shipping just a few hours ago, but didn’t get to finish the conversation. We’ll do that this evening.

      I don’t recall there being anything in the DVD about PAL or other formats. I’ll ask Frank to confirm.

  2. Cool to see such material popping out. There is also a good training screencast on that covers about the same content.

    More choice is always better for the end user!

    1. Author

      Thanks Alain – we’re going to try to build up some interesting training around here (gonna blog about this soon).

  3. your sample is too simple. just import mov file to finalcut. maybe we do’nt need your lesson.

    1. Author

      Karl, there is a lot to this training that isn’t shown in the sample. It is designed to help people learn Final Cut Pro and to improve their workflow for the 5D2. If you already are very familiar with FCP, then maybe you are correct and you don’t need this. But there are many people moving into video that don’t know how FCP works.

  4. Great site. I have been looking into doing more video with the 5D Mark II. I use Final Cut Pro a lot and love it. I recommend it over any other editor. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  5. Hi have to say that i’m a bit confused. Contrary to what your showing in your first training, Final Cut pro isn’t built to work with footage directly transfered from the Mark II. You have to convert them into ProRes or another editable format before exporting it to Final Cut pro. This way, your able to get some real time edit without drop frames.

  6. Hello Yvon,
    Thanks for your post. FCP 6.0 or newer with the latest QuickTime version installed and the latest OS installed running on an Intel core Duo computer allows direct editing with no Transcoding. My personal workflow for the Canon 5DMark II is to edit the footage in it’s native H.264 CODEC. I do this to maximize the final quality. Remember… Realtime playback is based on the strength of your Apple computer and speed of your seperate, editing drive. One last thing. Most film makers use straight cut edits only however each project for each editor is different. If your workflow requires multiple layers most of the time then you would need to consider Transcoding prior to editing. I cover both workflows in my training series.
    I hope that helps.

  7. Hello Frank and thank you answering my post. I work with a 8 months old MacPro 8 cores 2.8ghz with 8gb of ram, 512 mb Geforce video card. (with the latest version of quicktime 7.6.2) The reason i decided to write in your blog is because at first glace, i wanted to purchase your Canon 5D Mark II Workflow. I also tried to use, as you mentioned, strait off the card footage and this technique it’s far from being perfect for me. It’s stutter and i drop frames. In all fairness, i will disclose that, even if i consider myself as being knowledgeable with Final Cut Pro, i in no means consider myself as a pro. Maybe my set up isn’t right or something? I do, in a lot of cases use more than one level of video (superimposed) and transitions. This is probably why i notice it was a lot better and smoother for me to transcode to footage B4 editing. Believe me….i wish it was different. Thank you again for your answer.

  8. hi! I am very new to editing vid especially HD vids. So i tried FCP and tried to edit the footages I have shot from my Canon 5D. My problem is every time I render the clips I added with video transitions, FCP pops up a codec error message. Any help from resolving this is very much appreciated. Thanks!

  9. Is the card reader a necessity or is there a way for the files to be read off the camera? Does this same technique work for the 7D?

  10. Where is the “previous lesson” on how to set up a project preset that you refer to?

    1. Author

      The video above is just one of the chapters from the DVD to give you an example of Frank’s training. The preset is created in a previous chapter – you’ll need to purchase the DVD to get that content.

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